• FP&A Exam: Test Taking Strategies and Calculation Tips
    Attend this valuable session taught by AFP faculty to learn test taking and calculations tips to help you pass the Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional exam.
  • Curve Fitting and MAPE: How to Use Them Correctly
    Statistical tools are gaining in importance as the volume, variety, and velocity of data increases. Here are two foundational concepts in statistics with direct application to FP&A: Fitting the curve
  • Improve Your Data Analysis Skills With These Three Steps
    How can you improve your data analysis skills? It’s a critical question because data is so crucial to the success of your organization. Here are three steps you can take to improve your data analysis
  • The Future of FP&A: Nine Predictions for 2019
    The future of FP&A promises more uncertainty and change. Here are nine predictions for 2019 made by FP&A professionals.
  • Top Nine Lessons for FP&A Professionals in 2018
    This has been an eventful year in FP&A. Here are the top nine lessons FP&A professionals learned in 2018.
  • FP&A Statistics You Need to Know
    Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, discusses the new FP&A Guide on Leveraging Business Statistics, underwritten by Workiva.
  • Survey: Financial Pros Concerned They Could Become Obsolete
    This past summer, more than 900 finance and treasury professionals took part in the 2018 AFP survey, “Your Personal Digital Readiness.” The survey revealed a concern among practitioners that they coul
  • How to Create a Control Chart
    Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, and Avi Singh, Founder and CEO of, preview the new FP&A Guide on Leveraging Business Statistics, underwritten by Workiva.
  • Leveraging Business Statistics: Use Cases for Finance
    AFP’s latest Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Guide, underwritten by Workiva, focuses on the power of statistics.
  • Everything You Need to Know About the FP&A Exam
    Have questions about the FP&A exam? Attend this valuable online forum and meet with AFP’s certification team to get all your questions answered. Plus, learn about effective study aids to help you pre
  • 4 Tips for Improving Your Sales Forecasting
    Accurate sales forecasting is hard. Here are four steps BMC Software took to improve its sales force accuracy.
  • Digital Readiness Assessment: How to Improve Your Finance Team
    Next week, we will report on the results of the corporate finance survey, “Your Personal Digital Readiness.” At AFP 2018, we previewed the results and asked a roundtable group for their feedback. The
  • What’s Wrong With This Picture, FP&A Professionals?
    FP&A professionals pride themselves on presenting information in a clear and concise manner. SO what’s wrong with this picture?
  • #AFPJargonWatch: Edge Computing
    Edge computing is moving computing processing power close to the data source, where it is embedded in objects that were previously non-computational devices.
  • Forecasting in a VUCA World: 2 Approaches for FP&A
    Forecasting is challenging—and even more so in the current volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment businesses now operate in. Here are two approaches to forecasting in a VUCA wo
  • Finance Teams, Take Advantage of Bots
    Within the bot industry is a subset that is especially appealing to finance—visual automation tools especially designed for non-technical users.
  • Why Were Brexit Forecasts So Wrong?
    When British voters decided in July 2016 to leave the European Union, virtually every governmental economic unit, bank, and private forecast predicted a disaster for the UK. The reality is much differ
  • Fintech Survey Reveals Gap Between Enthusiasm and Adoption
    The 2018 AFP Technology Survey, Underwritten by BELLIN, reveals a gap between enthusiasm for fintech and leveraging it within the organization.
  • How to Calculate Your Return On Security Investments: FP&A’s Role
    It is a challenge to calculate the return on investment for IT and security. ROSI, or return on security investment, is a modified ROI calculation, where the net benefit is the annual cost of security
  • 2018 AFP Technology Survey

    Underwritten by BELLIN
    AFP’s 2018 Technology Survey examines the landscape of emerging technologies and their current and anticipated impact within treasury & fina

  • Orchestrating the Mindshift: The Transition from Accounting to FP&A
    Financial planning and analysis has its origins in accounting.  In recent years, organizations realized they needed staff with finance skills to improve forecasting and modeling and to work with the b
  • Applying Cost of Capital in Corporate Finance
    In our previous article on cost of capital, we covered the components of the calculation, where to find the data, and comparison to cost of equity and cost of debt. In this article, we discuss how cor
  • Cost of Capital: How Relevant is it for Your Organization?
    More than 600 finance professionals took part in the 2017 AFP FP&A Survey. Inside the survey were four questions about the cost of capital. The questions strive to depart from the detail and calculati
  • Agile Finance Principles: How FP&A Teams Should Prepare
    Though agile methodology began in the IT department, it soon spread throughout the entire organization. Agile finance principles have major implications for FP&A.
  • Undergoing a Finance Transformation
    Due to increasing pressures across the asset management industry, Invesco's finance team has been required to up its game and make strategic decisions to support the business as a whole.
  • Working Capital Management: 5 Questions for Emmanuel Caprais
    Emmanuel Caprais, Vice President—Strategic and Financial Planning for ITT Inc., will lead a session at AFP 2018 titled, “Free Up Cash: Manage Working Capital.” AFP recently spoke to Caprais about work
  • Excel: An Indispensable Platform for FP&A
    Philip Peck, Vice President, Finance Transformation and Advisory Services for Peloton Group, discusses Excel and why FP&A professionals still rely heavily on it. He weighs in on Excel’s greatest stren
  • Uber, OpenText & BMC Software Named Pinnacle Finalists
    BMC Software, OpenText and Uber Technologies were named finalists for AFP’s 2018 Pinnacle Award. Sponsored by MUFG, the Pinnacle Award, established in 1997, recognizes excellence in treasury and finan
  • Cost of Capital, Inside and Out
    A corporate finance professional’s definition, formula and use of the cost of capital.
  • Corporate Finance Job Descriptions
    Corporate finance job descriptions, from the CFO through Financial Analyst, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills outlined.
  • How Do You Define FP&A?
    Finance professionals, how do you define financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and what does it mean to the organization as a whole?
  • Financial Modeling in the Cloud
    Kirby Lunger discusses how using a cloud-based solution can improve modeling for financial planning and analysis (FP&A).
  • 4 Key Concerns for FP&A Professionals
    Philip Peck of Peloton Group, provides an inside view of the key themes discussed during a recent FP&A Roundtable.
  • Machine Learning for Finance is Applicable and Accessible
    There are several misperceptions that lead many corporate finance teams to avoid investing in machine learning. Machine learning for finance is applicable and accessible.
  • 5 Questions on Digital Readiness for FP&A Exec Jeff Altman
    Jeff Altman, Executive Director, Finance Leadership Development for Verizon, gives his thoughts on changes to FP&A brought about by new technology and data.
  • AFP 2018: FP&A Track Preview
    The FP&A track at AFP 2018 aims to ensure that all FP&A professionals who attend the event will come away fulfilled and ready to tackle any new challenges that come their way.
  • Your Roadmap to the Future of Finance

    New macro forces are creating new capabilities resulting in new models for work. To succeed, you need to master key dimensions of FP&A.

  • How Moneyball Explains the Road Ahead for Finance
    In FP&A and in baseball, large-scale, macro trends lead to the development of new ways of doing business. This is the basis for a new interactive guide.
  • 5 Steps to Creating a Data Life Cycle Approach to FP&A
    Companies are collecting more and more data. But how can FP&A professionals take advantage of this trend to play a strategic and integral role in their businesses’ growth?
  • 5 Questions for Tom Russell on Building an FP&A Team
    Through his experiences in building out the finance function in multiple organizations, Tom Russell, FP&A, has several thoughts on how to do this well, which he shared in this interview.