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Regional Treasury Centers: Structures & Advantages
AFP’s Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, explores the structures of regional treasury centers.


5 Steps to Asking for the Salary You Deserve
Even if you were not the best at negotiating your salary when you first landed the job, it is never too late to ask for what you want.


Alphabet, Drager, and Peloton Are the Finalists for the AFP 2020 Pinnacle Award
Alphabet, Google’s parent company, Drager, and Peloton are finalists for the Association for Financial Professionals’ 2020 Pinnacle Award, sponsored by MUFG,


Four Keys to Engaging Presentations
You’re giving a presentation and you want to make it really count. How do you go about making it really impactful?


Privacy Alert: Your Information Is Safe With AFP
AFP members have alerted us that they are receiving emails from a company offering a list of email addresses of AFP 2020 attendees. AFP never has, or will, sell your email address or phone number to anyone under any circumstances.


Survey: COVID-19 Crisis Has Pushed Treasury to the Forefront
The COVID-19 crisis has underscored the importance of treasury’s role in the organization, according to the 2020 AFP Strategic Role of Treasury Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan.


Financial Modeling and the Executive Suite
The corporate finance function is beholden to the quality of our financial modeling and analysis. Yet, a problem lies hidden in here.


Keep Learning, But What Skills Do Finance Pros Need?
FP&A operates in an environment where data is often accessible and unstable. Therefore, we need the skills, tools and methods to handle multiple points of view simultaneously.


COVID-19 Forces Greater Reliance on Banking Partners
Historically, bank relationships have been driven by credit. However, in the COVID-19 environment, much about those relationships has changed.


7 Steps to Keep Abrasive Leadership from Spreading
Peter Simmons is a decisive self-starter and problem solver who has rocketed up the corporate ladder at Tempus, a maker of fine watches in Switzerland. He was then entrusted with running the finance department of the Asian division. Peter, with his coach, his sparring partner, was going to implement his strategy to stop abrasive behavior and enhance collaboration amongst his team by implementing 7 powerful actions.


Libor: SOFR Credit Supplement Raises Questions
Corporate treasury and finance professionals are apprehensive about a credit sensitive rate/spread that could be added to SOFR for certain loans.


Moving From Accounting to FP&A in APAC
Wilson Wong, FPAC, FP&A Analyst for TechSource Systems, handles variance analysis, sales performance reporting, efficiency analysis and host of other tasks. Starting out in accounting but also possessing a background in IT, Wong saw an opportunity to move to the FP&A field.


Identifying Risks in Treasury Technology
The AFP Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, provides insights on the risks that technology poses for treasury departments.


Project Management Essentials
To begin the discussion of project management essentials, we must first define some project management terms.


Ransomware Evolves in the COVID-19 World
Ransomware attacks have been increasing rapidly as cybercriminals have capitalized on the panic and disarray caused by the COVID-19 crisis.


Fed Pulls Back the Curtain on Real-Time Payments Service
With COVID-19 relief payments expediting the need for faster transactions, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has revealed new details on the FedNow Service.


Career Pathing for the Future: Creating Change
Not only do financial professionals need a new outlook when planning out their careers, but managers should also be doing their part to help them to develop.


Managing Your Blended Team
Conceptually, businesses find themselves moving from a position of TALENT ACQUISITION, where they hire individuals, to one of TALENT ACCESS, where they hire the skills they want. The key for finance is how to operate effectively with blended teams.


The Most Successful Team Trait
Business is a team sport. Companies require employees to be aligned with the company goals and customer success. Typically, employees work in teams to maximize their skills and performance. But what makes a successful team?


Rethinking Redundancy
Redundancy. Being laid off or let go. Being terminated. These are not words anyone wants to hear; however, it is a potential reality we should prepare for. This article will be invaluable to the subsequent conversations and job interviews that await you.


The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Interviewing
Most job interviews are going to occur online for the foreseeable future. Even after the pandemic ends, many companies will continue to work remotely and you should get used to interviewing in front of a computer screen. The following tips will help you on your next interview, whether it’s virtual or in-person.


Using a Resume to Tell Your Story
No matter your field, your resume is the most essential tool in your arsenal when applying for a job. In most cases, a recruiter or hiring manager will see your resume long before you have the opportunity to speak to them. What does your resume say about you? What story does it tell?


COVID-19: How Fraudsters Are Taking Advantage
Criminals wasted no time in taking advantage of the panic created by the COVID-19 pandemic. AFP’s new Payments Guide provides an in-depth look at how fraudsters have adapted their tactics.


(Net)working to Build Your Professional Brand
Did you know that you can create your own brand, the brand of you? Your brand can enhance your ability to move ahead within your organization—and outside of it. Branding yourself, and making sure people know who you are, what you can offer and how value is synonymous with your name, is a big advantage in career development.


APAC Treasury: Establishing Policies & Structures
The role of the treasury department varies between organizations and is typically defined in a board-approved treasury policy. AFP’s Asia-Pacific Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, explores these policies.


FP&A Careers: When to Move Around
FP&A professionals should never think of themselves as settled in their careers. The new FP&A Guide helps them identify the right time to make a career move.


U.S. Firms to Shed Cash Due to Worsening Performance
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are forcing many U.S. businesses to tap into their cash reserves, according to the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators®.


Leveraging Treasury Technology to Earn Trust
Advancements in technology can greatly help the treasury department establish itself as a strategic ally to the business.


A Framework for FP&A Skills
The business landscape and IT capabilities are always changing. Here is a simple, flexible framework to help you think about it.


Introducing the AFP 2020 Virtual Experience
Nothing is more important than the safety of our event attendees and staff members. As a result, we have decided to make AFP 2020 a virtual experience.


BCP: Adapting Processes & Technology
Over the past few months, treasury departments have had to quickly adapt their processes and technology to remote working environment.


Creating a Budget for the Post-Pandemic World
For many organizations, planning a budget beyond Q3 2020 feels like shooting at a moving target in the dark.


Building Actionable Resilience: The Real Options Approach
Most organizations build in actionable resilience by pre-planning responses and pre-positioning resilience capabilities that can be used in different risk scenarios.


Keys to Setting Up a Treasury Operation
A companion webinar to the 2020 APAC Treasury Management Handbook, sponsored by Kyriba, looked at the challenges of setting up a treasury operation.


Looking Ahead: Skillsets for Finance’s Future
Finance professionals in APAC discuss the skillsets that will be needed as companies navigate their way through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


APAC Update: AFP Announces Matrix Partnership, CFA Waiver
AFP announced a formal partnership with Matrix Institute of Professionals, and exempted CFAs from taking the first part of the FP&A exam.


Planning Tools: Comparing Software & Negotiating Contracts
What should you consider as you compare potential planning systems and enter into negotiations with a vendor?


Companies Turn to Bank Deposits in COVID-19 Crisis
Even in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, companies were holding their short-term investments in banks due to concerns over the economy, according to the 2020 AFP Liquidity Survey, underwritten by Invesco.


Mainstreaming Risk in Routine Processes
Trends in risk management bring FP&A and risk closer together. Some organizations, like Abt Associates, integrate risk management across their entire business.


Actively Testing Your Business Continuity Plan
Testing out your business continuity plan (BCP) is incredibly important, especially in terms of making sure your technology can withstand a crisis event.


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