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Accounts Receivable As An Asset: 4 Steps to Improve the Process
Accounts receivable (AR) as an asset is an important concept for treasury and payments professionals to understand. Improving AR can actually build cash reserves and help the organization better manage its money.


Leading in a Complex World: 10 Lessons From Leadership Guru Chip Colbert
Being a leader is never easy, nor does it come easily. Here are 10 lessons from leadership guru Chip Colbert.


FinNext Recap: FP&A in the Age of Disruption
Digital disruption took center stage at the recently concluded FinNext 2019 for FP&A practitioners. More than 300 attendees and a dozen exhibitors gathered to discuss the state of FP&A and how the profession can thrive amid transformative change driven primarily by new technology.


Open Banking in the UK and PSD2 in Europe: 4 Benefits for Treasurers
PSD2 is considered the foundation of open banking. Why is this important? Because it lays the groundwork for the banking changes that are happening today in Europe and what will soon happen in the rest of the world.


PowerPivot and DAX: Business Intelligence for the People
PowerPivot and DAX are the business intelligence tools that give us control.


Survey: Treasurers Are Changing Operations to Obtain Financing
New research from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce revealed that although financing is generally available, many corporate treasurers have been forced to change how they operate to obtain it.


Are Bots Part of the FP&A Team?
Are bots really part of the FP&A team, or are they just a tool like spreadsheet or an accounting system?


Survey: Fraud Hits Record High, Impacts 82% of Businesses
Payments fraud continues to soar, as a record 82 percent of organizations reported incidents in 2018, according to the 2019 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan.


5 Questions for Cindy Rogers on Leveraging FP&A Consultants
After years as an employee,including being a direct report to the CFO, Cindy Rogers, FP&A, struck out on her own as an FP&A consulting professional.


Survey: Cyberrisk Remains a Top Concern for Finance Pros
Cybersecurity is among the top risks that financial professionals cite as top areas of concern, according to the 2019 Risk Survey, supported by Marsh & McLennan Insights.


What Does Worldpay’s Power Play Mean for Payments?
With a multibillion dollar acquisition and a partnership with the world’s largest retailer, payment processor Worldpay had a pretty good week. But what are the greater implications for the payments industry?


Why Hasn’t Finance Embraced AI for Forecasting Yet?
Treasurers and CFOs will feel increasing pressure to adopt AI technologies, such as machine learning and big data analytics, to facilitate financial forecasts. Why isn’t this something that everyone is doing?


KYC Conundrum: Why Utilities Haven’t Fully Taken Off
During the latest meeting of AFP’s Treasury Advisory Group (TAG), treasury professionals voiced their dissatisfaction with banks’ know-you-customer (KYC) rule process.


Navigating Digital Transformation: 5 Lessons From ABM CEO Scott Salmirs
How can finance executives navigate digital transformation? Here are five lessons about navigating digital transformation from ABM chief executive officer Scott Salmirs on AFP Conversations: Leadership Series podcast.


How Can Finance Measure Innovation? Here Are 13 Ideas.
Innovation is critical for organizations because it establishes a foundation for long-term survival. How can finance measure innovation? Simple—inspect what you expect.


PSD2, APIs Could Offer Treasurers Big Payments Benefits
PSD2 has a lot to offer corporate treasury professionals, particularly when it comes to payments. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received a whole lot of attention in the United States—but that soon may change. And it needs to.


The Future of FP&A: Two Ways to Take the Reins
In a recent survey, CFOs named the function of FP&A a top priority to transform and get more value from. That’s no surprise, because FP&A has been on the rise, driven by CFOs to become more strategic and a value-creating partner to the CEO.


Libor Transition: 3 Ways Treasurers Can Address the Challenge
The Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) offered pieces of advice on the transition away from the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor).


Will SWIFT’S KYC Registry Be a Game Changer?
SWIFT will open its know-your-customer (KYC) repository to corporates later this year. But unless it has strong standards, it is unlikely that this platform will ease corporates’ frustrations with this process.


Improving Cross-Border Payments: 6 Questions Treasurers Should Ask
Improving cross-border payments is a priority for many treasurers. Here are six questions to ask to help you improve your cross-border payments.


How to Create Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Models
Statistical tools are gaining in importance as the volume, variety, and velocity of data increases. Here is how to create an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model.


Libor Transition: Replacements Begin Addressing Cash Products
The Libor transition continues, with replacements starting to address cash products. These risk-free rates, or RFRs, offer benefits and challenges.


How Will Blockchain Impact the Future of Treasury?
The impact of blockchain is only beginning to be felt throughout organizations. How will blockchain impact the future of treasury? Andy Fately shares his thoughts.


IRS Issues New Regulations Clarifying Corporate Tax Reform
Corporate tax reform was a major victory for treasury and finance in 2018. Even so, more guidance was needed to help practitioners apply the changes. Now, the IRS has issued new regulations clarifying corporate tax reform.


FinNext 2019: Building a Top-Performing, Global FP&A Team
It’s not easy to build a high-performing FP&A team that operates on a global scale. Here’s what FP&A can do to structure an effective analytical team that operates internationally.


Treasurer Q&A: Stephen Hogan of Deutsche Post DHL-Asia Pacific
To better understand how one Asia Pacific finance leader handles today's challenges, AFP spoke to Stephen Hogan, Vice President Regional Treasury Asia Pacific at Deutsche Post DHL.


FinNext 2019: What Does Disruption Mean for FP&A?
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, discusses how the FinNext 2019 will explore the next generation of tools that finance professionals can be using, including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).


Study: U.S. Firms Signal They May Deploy Cash in Q1 2019
Financial professionals anticipate deploying cash in the first quarter of 2019 in the form of capital expenditures, share buybacks, dividends and debt payments, according to the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators®.


Reb Rebele Explains Why FP&A Can’t Get Its Work Done
Why is it so hard to collaborate in today’s workplace? Reb Rebele explains why FP&A workers can’t get their work done.


APIs: The Search for Ubiquity and Standardization
The new AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, explores why APIs can and will be so useful for corporate treasury professionals.


Digital Readiness: Finance Pros Are Above Average
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, discusses AFP's Personal Digital Readiness Survey.


AFP Liquidity Survey: Repatriated Earnings
Though the 2018 AFP Liquidity Survey projected about $3 trillion returning to the United States, only about $500 billion has come back so far.


Q&A: Ann Battle on the ISDA Master Agreement
Recently, on AFP Collaborate, one of AFP’s members asked some questions on the ISDA Master Agreement. Ann Battle of ISDA took the time to share her thoughts.


Treasury Connectivity: 4 Factors that Matter Most
Four factors matter most for connectivity: security, automation, cost and reliability. Treasury departments need to consider all of these as early on as possible.


4 Keys to Digital Readiness
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, discusses AFP's Personal Digital Readiness Survey. Survey respondents who identified themselves as digital leaders identified four distinct patterns of behavior.


Curve Fitting and MAPE: How to Use Them Correctly
Statistical tools are gaining in importance as the volume, variety, and velocity of data increases. Here are two foundational concepts in statistics with direct application to FP&A: Fitting the curve and MAPE.


Improve Your Data Analysis Skills With These Three Steps
How can you improve your data analysis skills? It’s a critical question because data is so crucial to the success of your organization. Here are three steps you can take to improve your data analysis skills.


The Future of FP&A: Nine Predictions for 2019
The future of FP&A promises more uncertainty and change. Here are nine predictions for 2019 made by FP&A professionals.


Top Nine Lessons for FP&A Professionals in 2018
This has been an eventful year in FP&A. Here are the top nine lessons FP&A professionals learned in 2018.


FP&A Statistics You Need to Know
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, Director, FP&A Practice for AFP, discusses the new FP&A Guide on Leveraging Business Statistics, underwritten by Workiva.


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