AFP Conversations Podcast

  • Shawn Kanungo on Embracing Innovation 03/31/2022
    Shawn Kanungo, AFP 2021 MindShift keynote speaker, emphasizes financial professionals' role as disruptors and leaders of digital transformation within their organizations.
  • Tips from a Philly Native with Brooke Lazizi 03/15/2022

    Glenn Douglas and Brooke Lazizi discuss the fun things to see and do in Philadelphia ahead of AFP 2022.

  • Flint Lane: Turning B2B Buyers into Digital Payers 03/01/2022
    Discover the importance of transitioning B2B buyers to digital payments as Flint Lane shares insights.
  • Steve Ledford: Checking in on RTP 01/13/2022

    Tom Hunt and Steve Ledford discuss the current and future landscape of real-time payments. Tune in to AFP Conversations.

  • Kevin Belli: Developing the Next Generation Finance Rockstar 01/07/2022

    Kevin Belli and Bryan Lapidus discuss the skills and data literacy required for finance professionals to become rockstars in the changing landscape.

  • The Libor Deadline: Transition Plans with Nathaniel Wuerffel 12/20/2021

    Get insights from Nathaniel Wuerffel on preparing for the transition away from Libor in this episode of AFP Conversations.


  • David Bowman: The LIBOR Transition 10/19/2021

    David Bowman provides an update on the status of the LIBOR transition and advice for corporates approaching rate alternatives.

  • Jennifer Moss: Preventing A Burnout Epidemic 10/05/2021

    Jennifer Moss gives a preview of her AFP 2021 Wellness Keynote on preventing burnout and improving well-being in times of stress.

  • DeMaurice Smith on Managing Plans, Politics, and Personalities 09/27/2021

    DeMaurice Smith previews his AFP 2021 Executive Institute keynote on operational game strategy and strategic planning.

  • Being Backable: Why Some Ideas Catch Fire with Suneel Gupta 09/16/2021

    Suneel Gupta discusses backability and the art of inspiring others to take a chance on new ideas in his AFP 2021 Certification Keynote.

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