AFP Conversations Podcast

  • How Can FP&A Drive Enterprise Value? Peter Geiler Explains. 11/17/2016

    Learn about the importance of financial planning and analysis for the enterprise from Peter Geiler, a senior finance manager at Kaiser Permanente, and his journey into wine-making.

  • Managing a Multicultural Workforce with Erin Meyer 11/09/2016

    Explore strategies for managing a multicultural workforce in finance and navigate cultural differences with insights from author and professor Erin Meyer.

  • LIVE From AFP Annual Conference: Jim Kaitz Wraps Up Day 1 11/09/2016

    AFP's CEO Jim Kaitz shares his favorite session from the 2016 AFP Annual Conference and previews the latest benefit for AFP members.

  • LIVE From AFP Annual Conference: Jeff Johnson Wraps Up Day 2 11/09/2016

    Jeff Johnson, Amesbury Truth CFO, shares his volunteer experiences with AFP and goals as Chairman. Interview conducted at AFP Annual Conference.

  • Corrie Shanahan on Executive Leadership 11/09/2016

    Executive coach Corrie Shanahan provides insights on how new managers can improve their leadership skills.

  • What Should Treasurers & CFOs Expect From the Global Economy? 11/09/2016

    Dan Burns, Reuters’ Economics and Markets Editor, Americas, tells AFP Conversations what treasury and finance should look for from the global economy in 2017.

  • The Human Side of Cybersecurity: Dr. Jennifer Golbeck's Insights 11/08/2016

    Listen to Dr. Jennifer Golbeck discussing the human side of cybersecurity and the importance of human-centered technology.

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