AFP Conversations Podcast

  • Road to Treasury Optimization: Liquidity Management (Part 1) 10/25/2022
    This podcast series explores the transformation of the treasury landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, including liquidity management.
  • Working Capital in a Tumultuous Environment 10/25/2022

    MUFG explores resilient working capital management and optimizing cash returns in complex operating environments.

  • Jugaad Innovation with Dr. Simone Ahuja 08/04/2022

    Dr. Simone Ahuja shares a five-step process to innovation at AFP 2022 Certification Keynote Breakfast. Register for AFP 2022 in Philadelphia.

  • Re-evaluating Risk and Resilience with Chloe Demrovsky 07/19/2022

    Chloe Demrovsky previews her AFP 2022 Executive Institute Keynote on business continuity practices and resilience.

  • Brains at Their Best with Dr. Lisa Bélanger 07/08/2022

    Dr. Lisa Bélanger, the AFP 2022 Wellness Keynote, empowers attendees to optimize performance and build resilience through mindfulness.

  • Numbers and Narratives: Seeking a Story Among the Indicators 06/27/2022

    Stacey Vanek Smith previews her AFP 2022 keynote on seeking stories among the indicators and the impact of pricing mechanisms.


  • Thriving Through Change with Kaihan Krippendorff 05/27/2022
    Kaihan Krippendorff explores thriving in the face of disruption and the patterns of success in his AFP 2022 MindShift Keynote.
  • Finding Inner Strength with Laila Ali 05/03/2022

    Jake Hammon shares his perspective on the changing role of FP&A and the skills required for success in the profession.

  • Larry Maisel: The Human Side of AI Analytics 04/25/2022

    Larry Maisel and Bryan Lapidus discuss navigating digital transformation in finance.

  • Changing Your Mind with Adam Grant 04/12/2022

    Join the conversation with Adam Grant as he discusses changing our thinking and questioning assumptions in work and life.

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