Kickoff Keynote and Reception

Scouting Report: Assembling and Retaining Top Talent
Sourcing and retaining top talent is a constant challenge facing treasury and finance executives. From identifying what skills you should hire for vs train, to the key traits you should look for in a new employee, acquiring the best talent for your team is a stressful proposition. Furthermore, as a leader, how do you foster an environment that provides these individuals room to grow and retains them for the foreseeable future?

Having been in both finance leadership and talent acquisition roles, Nicole Meyer brings a unique perspective to help executives address these critical issues. Join us for a lively discussion that brings attendees together to learn as well as share proven strategies for ensuring you get and keep the talent needed to guarantee your organization’s success.


Nicole Meyer

Founder & Managing Partner
The Meyer Partnership  

Nicole Meyer has over twenty years’ experience in Transaction Banking, having spent most of her career at Citibank, the last role as Managing Director, Team Leader for Citibank’s North American Financial Institutions Cash Management sales team.

She began her head hunting career in 2007 at The Rose Partnership in London as Head of the Corporate and Transaction Banking Practice. Nicole’s search experience includes hiring mid and senior-level executives for a variety of roles and has expertise is in the areas of Cash Management and Liquidity, Trade Services and Finance, Working Capital and Supply Chain Finance, Securities Services, and Corporate and Commercial Banking.

Nicole has an undergraduate cum laude degree in Economics and French from St. Lawrence University and an MBA with Honors from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Monday Keynote

The Heart of Innovation: Building High Performing Teams
Weaving narratives and examples from her research and work, Sarah Levitt leads an interactive, program that highlights the fundamental elements of what leaders can do every day to drive a climate of innovation and create high performing teams and organizations. Using examples across multiple industries, she identifies the essential elements most conducive to high performance and innovation; the connection between leadership and maintaining a competitive, innovative market edge; and how leaders can sustain themselves and pull others along with them.


Sarah Levitt

Magnificent Leadership  

Sarah Levitt is a nationally renowned leadership expert, regularly invited to work with some of the world's finest leaders. A trusted and strategic guide, she brings penetrating insight, wit, and more than 20 years of practical business experience to her work with CEOs, corporate executives of Fortune 1000 companies, and senior leadership teams. Sarah created The Making Magnificence Project®, an ongoing initiative, where she interviews successful leaders across different domains to capture their leadership journeys. Her book, Magnificent Leadership, distills the essential elements of leadership success that she gleaned from these interviews. Levitt is a columnist for The Financial Manager and was recruited to coach in the elite Executive MBA program at The University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler business school.

Tuesday Keynote

Fintech and the Potential to Revolutionize the Financial Services Sector
Could iOS and Android-based apps challenge the world’s leading financial institutions in the same way that Amazon revolutionized commerce and Uber up-ended the transportation sector? Innovation in the software-based financial technology (Fintech) sector has attracted significant attention because of its clear potential to disrupt existing global financial services models. Rapid technological development that facilitates person-to-person payments, crowdfunded equity investments and smart, self-executing contracts demonstrates that innovations in Fintech truly could revolutionize this sector. This revolution will only occur, however, if this nascent technology overcomes challenges in cybersecurity, digital identity and legal regulation. Eric Rosenbach provides insight on the trajectory of key technologies driving Fintech innovation, including blockchain, digital identity management and cyber security, while also discussing the current regulatory environment and the avenues for reform to spur Fintech growth.


Eric Rosenbach

Pentagon Chief of Staff (2015-2017)
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Security and Homeland Defense (2013-2015)

Eric Rosenbach is a senior executive with two decades of experience leading complex organizations in both the private sector and government. He is a technologist with deep expertise in cybersecurity, fintech and big data, built on a genuine understanding of the underlying technology, policy and legal issues. Rosenbach led the Department of Defense on cyber issues for the past six years, including during high-profile attacks on the US and allies by nation-state actors. As the Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Rosenbach was charged with managing some of the Department’s most complex decisions and crises, and ensuring implementation of transformative changes in the Department’s technology and talent management. He also led the Department’s efforts to improve innovation by forging and managing key initiatives such as the Defense Digital Service, the Silicon Valley-based Defense Innovation Unit and the Defense Innovation Board. In the private sector, Rosenbach led the cybersecurity practice of a global management consulting firm that advised the executives of Fortune 500 companies on strategic risk mitigation strategies.