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Integrating Rolling Forecasts

Virtual Seminar


June 19 - 20, 2017
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

$525 | $625
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Rolling forecasts are a popular topic in today’s financial best practices. Companies are increasingly moving away from exclusive reliance on traditional budgeting due to its inflexibility and reactive perspective. Instead, companies are favoring dynamic, forward-looking forecasts that can incorporate flexible assumptions, contemplate various scenarios, be updated regularly and drive business growth. As corporate financial planning and analysis groups become more important, static budgets and rolling forecasts will co-exist, with the latter serving as a key tool for strategic decision-making.

This course explores how rolling forecasts assist business professionals and leadership in making more educated decisions and taking more calculated risks. Using customized case studies and real-life examples, participants are “implementation-ready” and able to apply the theory and practices to their work. Gain confidence in the process for building and managing rolling financial forecasts, and walk away knowing how to create an effective rolling financial forecast.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn the benefits, limitations and differences between static annual budgets and rolling forecasts

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of rolling forecasts as a management decision-making tool

  • Create a checklist of steps for creating a rolling forecast

  • Learn Excel modeling best practices relevant for forecasting

  • Learn what modifications can translate static budgets into flexible, integrated rolling forecasts


  • Intermediate-to-advanced understanding of finance and accounting concepts and theory

  • Basic-to-intermediate understanding of Microsoft Excel and financial modeling

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Carl Seidman
Carl Seidman is a disciplined and trusted advisor specializing in business transformation.Carl has served in an array of financial advisory and interim management roles to mid-sized and small companies throughout the United States and United Kingdom. He most recently served as Interim Controller of an $80 million Chicago-based manufacturing collaborative where he was responsible for strategic financial growth planning; implementation of financial infrastructure; forecasting, budgeting; and all internal and external financial correspondence.

In training capacities, Carl is a subject matter expert on a wide range of business topics and has conducted nearly 100 public and onsite trainings for professionals on strategic planning, forecasting, corporate financial planning & analysis, advanced financial modeling, finance and accounting for non-financial managers, and cost accounting.