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Impact Business with Data Visualization

Virtual Seminar


Thursday, November 9, 2017
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

$525 | $625
Communications and Marketing
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Data visualization is the last step of the analytics process that will convey your findings to your stakeholders for actions. The choice of media (interactive dashboards, electronic documents, highly detailed charts, etc.) must be adjusted to your audience to ensure understanding, focus and fast actions. At the same time, production and delivery must be streamlined to enable frequency without hindering daily tasks performance.

This course teaches how to design and run a lean process for reporting that is sustainable and impactful. Attendees will also understand how to select the right visualizations while grasping the challenges of digitialization. This course also explores techniques to refine information and reduce the effort required to generate graphic representations.

This course will take an innovative delivery approach. 

  1. half-hour recording will be made available on October 30 to attendees as a high-level introduction to course content and way to submit specific questions or scenarios to the instructor to incorporate into the overall materials. 
  2. The 2-hour live virtual seminar on November 9 is the main presentation of content where the instructor builds upon the feedback given from the initial recorded segment. 
  3. One week after the live session on November 20, there will be a half-hour reinforcement seminar to review lessons learned and how the takeaways worked in practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to prepare data for smooth production. Determine which transformation you can apply ahead of your reporting to deliver smooth and fast charts seamlessly to any device.

  • Gain agility and hacking skills to produce your graphics instantly. Learn to provide advanced visualizations at little to no cost leveraging open source libraries.

  • Build and end-to-end lean process to deliver quality reports without hindering your operational focus.


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Gauthier Vasseur Gauthier Vasseur
Founder and Principal,

Gauthier Vasseur teaches Data to business leaders at Stanford University. He feeds his research by leading data product development and marketing as a consultant for Silicon Valley startups. Previously, he led the strategy and the design of business intelligence and performance management systems at TriNet and co-founded Semarchy, a Master Data Management solution. Earlier, he was director of performance management at Google and senior director of enterprise performance management strategy at Oracle. Prior to his high tech career, Gauthier was Remy Cointreau’s controller and in charge Remy Suisse Finance, the group internal bank. He received MBAs from EDHEC Business School.