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Companion Webinar: AFP Executive Guide to Gray Swan Events



Tuesday, April 17, 2018
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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What is a “gray swan” event, and how do you best prepare for them? You may have heard of black swan events – rare occurrences with high risk – but gray swan events are more common and can be mitigated to some extent. This webinar will cover what types of events these are, how to best defend against them, and how to respond when they occur.

Learning Objectives

- Learn what gray swan events are, how to anticipate them, and how to defend against them.

- A checklist review of best practices to protect against them and simple measures to follow
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Tom Hunt, CTP
Director of Treasury Services, Association for Financial Professionals

Tom Hunt is the Director of Treasury Services at the Association for Financial Professionals. Hunt has more than 15 years of direct treasury experience working across different industries, including various roles at Medtronic, Fairview Health Systems and, most recently, at 3M Company. At 3M, Hunt oversaw the global banking strategy, redesigned and implemented a new domestic cash management structure and led acquisition activities for the treasury department. He holds an MBA in Finance from the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas.

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