AFP Instructor-Led Training

AFP’s courses cover an array of topics for every level of finance professional, ranging from Excel analytics and payments to treasury management and FP&A. We bring our expert instructors to you to deepen your knowledge base, build new skills, and master certification exam preparation.

Courses Include
  • Visual Presentation of Data
  • Excel (Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Communication Skills
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Treasury Management
  • FX Risk Management
  • Soft Skills
Your Team Gets the Most Out of Our Courses with Spaced Reviews

To make sure that everyone on your team retains the information from our courses, we include complimentary spaced reviews as part of all of our training offerings. Spaced reviews consist of an hour-long final module that recaps all the key elements of the course. Based on your preferences, this session can be a structured review or an open-ended question session.

AFP® Digital Finance Academy

This series of seminars features a robust curriculum that teaches how to master a company’s data, understand the implications digital mastery of data has for analytics, and the strategic decision making and critical thinking needed for finance to lead data effectively.

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