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Virginia Tech's Calhoun Program: Reimagining Undergraduate Education

AFP and Virginia Tech's Calhoun Discovery Program partner to create multi-disciplinary undergraduate FP&A work cell.

February 16, 2021 – Bethesda, MD — The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) announced it has joined the Calhoun Discovery Program at Virginia Tech as an Industry Partner. Inspired and supported by Boeing CEO David Calhoun, the program facilitates a multidisciplinary alternative to narrowly focused degree programs. The Calhoun Discovery Program prepares the next generation’s workforce for the realities of today’s marketplace, where multiple stakeholders and not just shareholders must be considered.

“We are excited to welcome AFP to our team of partners,” said Thanassis Rikakis, founding director of the Calhoun Discovery Program, Virginia Tech. “From day one, Calhoun students are tasked with working in a team setting with industry mentors to address in an integrative manner technological, business and societal transformation aspects of real-world issues.”

Through this partnership, AFP and Virginia Tech have created a Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) work cell that provides opportunities for students to break down traditional academic barriers by collaborating with students from other disciplines to tackle real-world problems alongside multiple industry leaders. AFP will select a small group of experienced FP&A professionals to participate in project identification and selection, and to mentor students throughout the academic year.

“The Calhoun Discovery Program is challenging traditional undergraduate education, which often falls short of preparing graduates for success in the real world,” said AFP’s president and CEO Jim Kaitz. “Our involvement in the program provides an opportunity for FP&A professionals to apply multidisciplinary thinking with students from engineering, industrial design, information technology, environmental policy, data analytics and other majors, as well as industry professionals from other disciplines. Through AFP’s partnership in this program, we will redefine the role and expectations of the CFO function as a strategic business partner and develop the resources the finance profession needs to succeed in Industry 4.0.”

The multidisciplinary style of the Calhoun Discovery Program approaches problems by considering financial viability and technological feasibility, ecological and socioeconomic sustainability, and inclusive human capital development. The solutions developed through the program will address each of these four areas to ensure sustainable and equitable development. AFP joins Boeing, Caterpillar, GE Appliances, GE Aviation, and other organizations as partners supporting the mission of the Calhoun Discovery Program.

Companies interested in learning more about how they can participate in the program are encouraged to contact Jeff Glenzer, CTP, AFP’s Chief Operating Officer, at [email protected]  or (301) 961-8872. For any press queries, please contact Melissa Rawak, [email protected].

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