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Reaching an Analytics Inflection Point
The confluence of external pressures, technological advances and the shifting role of FP&A is bringing the function to an inflection point.


Think the First Brexit Was Tumultuous? More Could Be On the Way in the EU
Markets have recovered since the Brexit referendum vote. But treasury and finance executives must be prepared for the worst -- especially those with business in the EU, says economist Nouriel Roubini.


Develop Your FX Risk Strategy with New Executive Guide
AFP's latest Executive Guide, underwritten by Chatham Financial, aims to support treasury practitioners in developing a strategy and policy to manage foreign exchange risk.


Keys to Navigating Emerging Market FX Risk
Emerging market currencies are often more volatile than their G7 counterparts and their exchange rates are typically more sensitive to geopolitical and economic events.


Blockchain & Instant Payments: Bedfellows or Opposites?
Although both instant payments and blockchain may seem to complement one another, their processes are more or less at odds.


How FP&A Can Counter Forecast Bias
While more companies are trying to perfect the science of forecasting, there’s one thing that continues to stand in the way of making pure data-driven decisions: human nature.


Two Words to Describe Treasury Today? Chaotic and Fragile.
One word to describe today and tomorrow’s environment for treasurers might be chaotic. It’s such a negative word! If that’s too harsh, perhaps fragile will do.


Mastering Uncertainty: A Key Risk Tool for Finance Executives
Mastering uncertainty is critical for finance executives. But is it even possible? AFP spoke with risk expert Nader Mousavizadeh.


Changing Your Passwords Every 6 Months Actually Hurts Cybersecurity. Here's Why.
Computer scientist and AFP Annual Conference speaker Dr. Jennifer Golbeck explains why changing your passwords every six months is a bad idea -- and what treasury and finance professionals can do to improve their cybersecurity.


Will UK Banks Begin Charging Treasurers for Deposits?
It just got more expensive for corporate treasurers to keep their organization’s money in the UK. Royal Bank of Scotland announced last week that it would begin charging some corporate customers for holding their cash.


Building a Business Case for Financial Transformation
There’s constant pressure on the CFO from the CEO to do better. To Innovate. To transform the finance organization into both a leaner and a more forward looking analytics hub that provides insight and foresight to the enterprise.


3 Key Obstacles to Working Capital Optimization
Analytics and big data provide many new opportunities for working capital optimization. But three key obstacles must be addressed to get your working capital analytics efforts on track.


Finance Improvement Initiatives Are Back in Action
Finance transformation is making a fast comeback. According to new research conducted by APQC, CFOs are keenly aware of the need to improve the finance function.


AFP Urges Congress to Keep the Stable NAV
With money market fund reform less than two months away, the chances that the floating net asset value (NAV) could still be repealed are slim. Nevertheless, with the cost of funding steadily increasing for U.S. businesses, AFP is making one final push.


AFP Aware: AFP Gives Back to Orlando
It wouldn’t be the Annual Conference without AFPAware Community Service Day, sponsored by BBVA Compass. Every year, AFP partners with organizations committed to corporate and social responsibility.


Banks, SWIFT Make Moves to Shore Up Cybersecurity
Eight of the world’s largest banks announced have formed a group to combat cyberthreats. Meanwhile, SWIFT is launching a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the existing security features in its interface products.


Money Fund Reform: A Lot of Fuss, But Worth the Attention
While there has been a lot of talk about how much cash will move out of prime money market funds before October 15, talking about exiting prime funds and actually doing it are different things.


How to Select the Right FP&A Organizational Model
Growing volatility in the business environment, cost pressures and a new focus on enterprise performance is sparking a renewed interest in how to best organize the FP&A function.


A Brexit Would Be a 'Massively Complicated Exercise,' Rachman Says
Ask Gideon Rachman for his thoughts on the Brexit vote and he’ll give you an earful. The London-based journalist also has plenty to say about Donald Trump, geopolitical risk and more. That should come as no surprise, given that Rachman is chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times.


Innovations in Cash Flow Forecasting, Liquidity Management
Introducing an innovative cash flow funding and forecasting model, which can improve management focus on cash. It’s the kind of detail that should be used as a common language between the group CFO and the business units.


AFP Members Unlikely to Move Much Money Out of Prime Funds
How much cash will move out of prime money market funds before October? It's hard to say, but it is unlikely that there will be a large change in balances from prime from our short-term/operating cash investors.


Today’s Finance Professional Must Be a Jack of All Trades
Why are finance professionals being asked to do more? Because of finance’s connection to business results, it is increasingly seen as strategic business partner.


Executive Institute: What is Optimal Capital Structure?
At the Executive Institute at the 2016 AFP Annual Conference, experts will provide attendees with insights into how they can obtain an optimal capital structure.


Want Great Training ROI? Take Them to AFP Annual, One Exec Says
Considering sending your team to AFP Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, this October? Anthony Scaglione, CTP, EVP and CFO of ABM Industries, already has signed up several members of his team. That’s because he believes AFP Annual is a great investment on training and education.


What Will it Take for ISO 20022 to Gain Traction?
ISO 20022 appears to be the gateway to achieving universal standardization for payments. However, there are currently different versions of it in use all over the world. That’s clearly not a standard.


5 Reasons Why Treasurers Should Adopt Multilateral Netting
Treasurers are constantly seeking new ways to improve operations and streamline workflows. One of the most effective solutions, multilateral netting, actually is an ageless classic that can add real economic value.


Reg 385: Is a Cash Pooling Carve-Out Coming to the Rescue?
Many treasurers are breathing a collective sigh of relief with the news that the Treasury Department is working to carve out cash pooling arrangements from its proposed changes to section 385 of the Internal Revenue Code.


4 Ways Finance Execs Can Attract and Hire Millennials
While finance may not be as alluring as some marketing and design jobs, it has a lot going for it. But in order to attract millennials, the function may need to engage in an image makeover.


Journalist David Gregory: Trump Makes 2016 ‘Most Unique’ Campaign
It’s not easy moderating a panel of high-powered global thinkers and leaders. But that’s the task at hand for David Gregory, author, ex-White House political correspondent and former host of Meet the Press. Gregory will moderate the Sunday keynote session at the AFP Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., on October 23.


Could Going Cashless Make Life Easier for Retail Treasurers?
Sweetgreen has gone cashless at some of its locations. If the move is successful, more retailers could follow suit, potentially making life easier for their treasury groups.


Under the Spotlight: Establishing Treasury KPIs
Treasury should not only be measured by looking at P&L statements or balance sheet figures. The best way to measure treasury’s day-to-day activities is by using key performance indicators (KPIs).


The Question for Finance: How Do You Measure What Matters?
AFP recently interviewed Ron Dimon, a director with Deloitte and an expert on enterprise performance management. Dimon and FP&A Manager Bradley Page of Archer Daniels Midland will lead a session about EPM and value mapping at AFP Annual Conference.


Video: U.S. Businesses Are Hoarding Cash at a Quicker Pace
Mariam Lamech, director, survey research for AFP, discusses the results of the July 2016 AFP Corporate Cash Indicators® (AFP CCI). The latest results show American businesses hoarding cash at a far quicker pace than previous quarters.


Brexit Foments FX Frustrations for Nonprofit Treasurers
The impact of the Brexit vote in the U.K. continues to roil treasury. This time, treasury professionals feeling the pain work for non-governmental organizations, or NGOs.


FP&A… and C: Why Communication is Crucial for Finance
As the role of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) expands, and the importance of soft skills rises, there should be some official recognition that technical skills only go so far. If executives cannot tell their story and influence decisions, they are not doing their jobs.


Study: Brexit, Tepid Economy Lead Companies to Hoard Cash
Concerned about Brexit and a tepid economy, American companies in the second quarter of 2016 returned to accumulating cash at a fast pace, according to the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators® (AFP CCI).


Data Visualization: A Discussion with David McCandless
AFP recently spoke with data journalist David McCandless, who will speak about data visualization at its Annual Conference in October, from his home in London.


Zero-Based Budgeting: Don’t Take the Big-Bang Approach
Zero-based budgeting is making a comeback, and it doesn't require a big-bang implementation. Many companies are getting great results by doing the exact opposite.


Same-Day ACH Warning: Check Your EEDs to Avoid Surprise Fees
Large ACH originators could be hit with unintended fees once same-day ACH starts September 23.


Video: Highlights of the IRS Hearing on 385 Regs
Tom Hunt, CTP, AFP's Director of Treasury Services, weighs in on the key themes discussed at a July 14, 2016 hearing on proposed changes to section 385 of Internal Revenue Code.


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