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Risk Management

Solutions and best practices to manage your essential risk needs.

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2014 AFP-KPMG Treasury Risk Gov Tumb   Raising the Bar for Treasury Risk Governance

Firms today are working hard to enhance their Risk Governance practices. This is especially true in areas involving Treasury, such as liquidity and funding. What are the key challenges that firms face? What organizational changes have they made to address these challenges? Find the answers in this survey of Treasury Risk Governance practices across a broad range of US corporations.

CTC Supply Chain Risk Thumb   CTC Guide to Risk in the Supply Chain

While most treasurers aren't responsible for managing supply chain risk outside finance, they can help identify mitigation techniques across the whole organization. This guide looks at the stages of managing supply chain risk and examines how the treasurer can add value to the organization as a whole.

RSCH_14_RskComm_OWWhtPaper_Thumb Whitepaper: Risk Communication

Effective risk communication between the board of directors and the C-suite is critical. This whitepaper, developed by Oliver Wyman, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), examines what it takes to develop best-in-class risk communication.

RSCH14_RiskSrvy_Thumb.png AFP Risk Survey

AFP and Oliver Wyman have partnered for an annual risk management survey on the impact that uncertainty has on Treasury and Finance. The AFP Risk Survey examines how companies are integrating risk information into their business and financial planning in an era of uncertainty.


Additional Resources

Risk Sessions from the 2013 AFP Annual Conference

Unbiased content from the most important event in treasury and finance

Risk! Monthly e-newsletter

More than 14,000 subscribers worldwide read AFP's Risk Newsletter for its mix of best practices, case studies, thought leadership, research and news

CTC Guide to Enterprise Risk Management

This practitioner's guide presents details examples of the ways in which companies have approached ERM and provides valuable insight into leading ERM practices

Whitepaper: Defining Your Risk Appetite

A well-defined risk appetite is crucial to business success. Developing an effective framework is essential as complex risks rapidly change the way businesses must operate.

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In Practice Guide: Six Steps to Assess Commodity Risk Exposure

Given the current and future trends in commodity prices and volatility, every company must better understand its true commodity exposure.

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