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AFP Market Data


AFP Market Data is a collection of products that give AFP members the most up-to-the-minute information in one place.

AFP Bank Pricing Data
In partnership with Informa Research Services
Benchmark the competitiveness of the prices offered in request for proposals (RFPs) and the prices appearing on your organizations’ account analysis statements. Average, median, hi and low prices charged by banks for nearly 90 frequently-used cash management services and over 280 line items for level 2.

AFP Counterparty Risk Data
In partnership with Thomson Reuters
Evaluate the creditworthiness of companies you do business with and identify emerging trends in counterparty credit through Thomson Reuters StarMine Quantitative Models. View data on 248 companies from 39 countries across 46 industries.

AFP Earnings Credit Data
In partnership with Informa Research Services
Compare your deposit insurance costs, gross earnings credit rate and net annual effective earnings credit rate against industry leading data. The information is based on a tiered structure of deposit sizes for DDA balances. Average, median, hi and low prices provided so that you can differentiate among the various banks that you use.

AFP Key Rates Service
In partnership with Thomson Reuters Eikon
Real-time foreign exchange (FX) and fixed income pricing. View such key benchmarks as US Treasuries, commercial paper, spot exchange rates, deposit rates, and swaps.

AFP Loan Market Data
In partnership with Thomson Reuters LPC
Current conditions in the corporate loan markets for investment grade and leveraged borrowers. Updated weekly, corporate loan data for AFP members includes: Average loan pricing; Tenor; Size for a range of credit ratings; Information on spreads and pricing variations.

AFP Money Market Funds Monitor
In partnership with iMoneyNet
Daily yields, assets and WAMs for top-yielding U.S. and Offshore institutional money market funds. Money fund data for AFP members includes; Top 10-yielding Institutional money funds; Offshore and U.S. fund information; 1-, 7- and 30-day yields; WAMs; Prospectuses; Fund fact sheets; Portfolio assets.