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AFP Payments is a monthly newsletter delivering best practice information, news and analysis of global payments challenges, regulations and emerging technologies. As the world migrates from paper-based to electronic payment methods, financial professionals and others need to stay atop developments ranging from new card-based payment options, to changes in banking practices, to regional payments concerns around the world.

The newsletter dovetails with payments coverage online and in person at the AFP Payments Forum.

Each issue contains articles about payments industry news as well as information about the way technology is changing our financial world. Sections include:

  • Developments in the global payments industry
  • Analysis pieces from experts in the financial field
  • Information about payments technologies
  • International developments
  • Fraud prevention
  • Best practices

Sample headlines:

  • Most Business Subject To Payments Fraud, Survey Says
  • Consumers Wary Of Stored-Value Card Fees
  • Federal Reserve Surveys Corporate Payment Needs
  • Canada's New Online Payments Protect Consumer
  • Credit Card Companies Eye EU For Expansion
  • UK Following U.S. In Adopting Gift Cards
  • China's Online Payment Market Nascent, But Growing
  • E-payment Benefits Outweigh Risks, Experts Say
  • Federal Reserve Links To Private Sector Payment Network
  • U.S. Vending Machines Going Cashless
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