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Futures In Finance, a monthly career newsletter, delivers timely tips for job seekers building a career in finance and treasury. Finance jobs are changing at the pace of technology. As job descriptions shift to accommodate compliance and risk management needs, how can you stay ahead of the competition? Turn to Futures In Finance for reliable, timely information on finance and treasury careers. Job seekers at all levels in finance-from CFO to new MBAs-will benefit from this fast-read format, delivered each month.

Each issue includes hot job postings and articles on finance job searches, interviewing techniques, and CFO strategies, among other topics.

The newsletter's PDF format allows for rich presentation of sample resumes, charts and graphs, as well as hyperlinks to online content and links to sponsor Web sites.

Topics include:

  • Developments in the finance field
  • Opinion pieces from HR experts
  • Information on compensation trends and incentive packages
  • CFO Corner - Executive news, views and strategies
  • Organizational structure
  • Training tips
  • Finance career trends
  • Tips for job seekers
  • Hot job postings

Who should read Futures In Finance

  • Finance professionals who want to land their dream job
  • Graduates looking for information on career trends
  • Job seekers targeting specific industry sectors
  • Senior level finance professionals who want to stay on top of the latest strategies for organizational and staff development


"Some of the best strategies to help employees take charge of themselves and their careers involve avoiding workplace negativity, enhancing their flexibility, avoiding procrastination and developing a bias for action rather than putting off decisions. And ironically, the employees who position themselves as potential leaders have also learned to say no and avoid the self-overload problem. Additionally, companies look for internal candidates who have learned to establish an effective partnership with their boss and colleagues. Such employees understand and meet the expectations of their supervisors."

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