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Bank Scorecard
AFP Bank Scorecard
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AFP's Bank Scorecard allows the evaluation of specific cash management services by providing performance metrics categorized by groups, including qualitative, quantitative and payments.

The scorecard will help corporate practitioners not only gain clarity on the performance of their bank partners but also inspires continuous improvement and open communication, ultimately resulting in more valuable business relationships for everyone.


A scorecard is a management tool used to measure activities in both a qualitative and quantitative method of a bank's performance.


  • As a quantitative measure of the service provided/benefit received.
  • As feedback for the service provider to better understand how you, the customer, perceive the value/quality/cost of the service(s) provided.
  • As a tool in measuring the relative value/importance of current service relationships the organization maintains.
  • As an evaluative method in support of continuous improvement/communication both within and outside the organization.
  • As a tool to evaluate all service providers on those issues deemed important to the organization.
  • As a way to provide clarity on how well issues/services are delivered or dealt with by the service provider(s).


  • A scorecard is an effective relationship management tool for service providers to have critical feedback from you, the customer, on your perception of the quality of the services they provide to you.
  • Sharing your evaluation of each service provider ONLY WITH THAT SERVICE PROVIDER for the sole purpose of improving the quality of the service provider relationship.
  • When developing/using a scorecard it is best that more than one person in the customer organization have a part in its completion to assure valid indicators of service quality are determined - and not just one person's perceptions (which could be favorably/unfavorably biased)
  • Suggest that perhaps the service provider could provide you a scorecard with which to measure the quality of your organization as a customer to help you improve in your internal operations as well.

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