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The 2013 AFP Services Codes
The 2013 AFP Services Codes© include 247 new codes for banking services that have become more widely adopted in recent years in addition to revisions to over 443 codes to reflect changes since the 2008 edition. In addition to new and modified codes, AFP has identified a number of outdated codes for services that banks no longer offer; in these cases, we refer users to a more appropriate code. This edition is produced as part of AFP's continuing commitment to promote standardization in treasury practices and banking reporting.

The 2011 AFP Global Service Codes
Designed specifically to work with the TWIST BSB format, the 2011 AFP Global Service Codes© includes over 800 codes for banking services that are widely adopted across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific Rim. The new AFP Global Service Codes were produced as part of AFP's continuing commitment to promote the global standardization in treasury practices and bank reporting. One important difference between the Global and domestic codes is the length of the code field. Due to the differences between the ANSI X12 and TWIST BSB formats, AFP Global Service codes are 8 digits while the domestic codes are 6 digits.

Domestic and Global AFP Service Codes
Purchase the AFP Global Service Codes and the Domestic Codes and save. Owning both sets of codes will give you a complete set of standardized bank fee codes across the banking industry.

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