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Capital Portfolio Management   The Missing Links in Investment Analysis

Executives are under more pressure than ever to deliver higher returns from their portfolios of businesses. In response, most companies are now weighing investments aimed at improving their performance. But there is a real risk that the acquiring companies could end up worse off, unless they take a fundamentally different tack to evaluating investments.
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2015 Liquidity Thumb 2015 AFP Liquidity Survey

In its tenth year, the 2015 AFP Liquidity Survey gauges current and emerging trends in organizations’ cash and short-term investment holdings, investment policies and strategies. AFP thanks State Street Global Advisors for underwriting the 2015 AFP Liquidity Survey.

CTC Guide to Coporate Insurance CTC Guide to Coporate Insurance

What level of risk should your company retain? How can you finance that retained risk? What risks should you transfer? Instead of automatically buying the same coverage, companies are asking these important questions about their risk profile and their needs. And so are insurers. Learn what you need to know about a changing market.
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Additional Resources

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets Sessions from the 2014 AFP Annual Conference

Unbiased content from the most important event in treasury and finance

AFP Market Data

AFP Market Data is a collection of products that give AFP members the most up-to-the-minute information in one place.

M&A Checklist

A roadmap to the different areas that could impact treasury throughout the due diligence and integration phases.

CTC Guide to Capital Structures

The science and the art of constructing the right capital structure.


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