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New Liquidity Guide Focuses on Global Short-Term Borrowing

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 2013-07-09

In today’s volatile market, treasury practitioners must be cognizant of multiple risks when borrowing short-term. With a solid understanding of these risks, practitioners can put in place a robust strategy in which the company is not reliant on a single source of funding, while benefiting from the lowest possible cost of funds.

In a new Global Liquidity Guide, underwritten by Reval, AFP provides practitioners with the necessary tools to develop a short-term borrowing strategy and policy. Treasury practitioners will first need to agree on an overarching strategy that reflects the organization’s overall approach to corporate finance. Practitioners will learn the different approaches to setting the strategy. From there, the guide delves into what needs to be included in a robust short-term debt policy.

The new guide identifies factors that may prevent an organization from meeting its declared short-term borrowing objectives, including liquidity risk, market risk, counterparty risk and covenant risk. Practitioners are provided with tips on indentifying these risks, as well as the many tools that can be applied to manage them.

Additionally, the guide examines short-term borrowing vehicles available to treasury practitioners, along with tips on working with credit agencies. Corporate treasurer case studies are provided to give deeper insight.

Establishing a short-term borrowing strategy and policy is a lengthy and challenging process. In AFP’s new Global Liquidity Guide, treasury practitioners receive key insights into common treasury objectives on global short-term borrowing and the factors that are leading many organizations to examine how they manage proper levels of liquidity and the fundamental changes they need to make.

Download the AFP Guide to Global Short-Term Borrowing here.

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