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It’s Here: FP&A at the 2013 AFP Annual Conference

  • By Staff Writers
  • Published: 2013-10-03

The financial planning and analysis focus continues to grow at the AFP Annual Conference.

Besides four pre-conference workshops and 17 conference sessions, there is a reception for FP&A professionals and a luncheon as well. The reception, sponsored by Planview, takes place Monday, October 28, at 5 pm. The luncheon, sponsored by Peloton Group, is Tuesday, October 29, at noon.

Sessions include:

Align Multi-Year Forecasts with Tactical Plans and Operational Budgets. This session offers techniques for integrating multi-year forecasting and short-term operational budgeting processes through the use of efficient initiative planning and tracking, scenario modeling, flexible reporting and KPI monitoring.

Big Data: Finding your Firm’s Analytic Mojo. Everyone wants more data, but how to convert big data into insight to improve working capital? This session addresses that and many other questions.

Beyond the Spreadsheet: Leveraging the Power of Data Visualization in Finance. In this session, a senior financial consultant in Dell’s $8 billion professional services division will present how he’s using state-of-the-art data visualization tools like Tableau to change the role finance plays at Dell.

Critical Communication Skills for FP&A Professionals. Communication skills are vital to a financial professional’s business success. This session gives attendees basic strategies and tools they can apply immediately in their organizations, including how to create a communication skills development plan.

Enterprise Planning in Action: The Crate & Barrel Approach. Attendees will hear how Crate & Barrel seamlessly integrated its general ledger, operational plan and strategic plan to run ad-hoc reporting on a weekly and monthly basis alongside its long-range plan, all in one application.

Financial Planning in the Cloud: Seeing the Bigger Picture. Pandora, the leading Internet radio service, charged their FP&A group with implementing an infrastructure to prepare for rapid growth. This discussion focuses on how the company defined its needs and switched from Excel-based planning methods to cloud solutions, which has helped the company deliver greater financial transparency across the company.

FP&A Lessons Learned. Hear about Intel’s strong FP&A function and how it drives company strategy and performance. The discussion mixes strategy and technique with real experiences to make the case, along with observations about hiring and influence strategies, that a strong FP&A function improves a company’s competitive advance in the marketplace.

Integrating the Strategic Plan with the Annual Budget and Forecast Process. This presentation will provide attendees with lessons learned and best practices in producing and integrating the strategic plan with the annual budget and forecast process.

Leveraging a Planning and Reporting System to Optimize Performance Management. Sunovion Pharmaceuticals has experienced significant growth and organizational changes over the last several years. While their existing EPM platform supported core business needs, the changing environment created complexity, uncertainty, and greater demands on the finance organization and the underlying technology.

Measuring the ROI on FP&A. FP&A often focuses on measuring other departments but does not look internally at its own performance. This session addresses ways to approach the calculation of the value to the organization and how this can be used to evaluate ongoing performance.

Multi-Tiered KPIs/Balanced Scorecards: Helping finance be on the leading edge of performance management. More and more finance professionals are being tasked with creating and managing KPIs/balanced scorecards for an entire organization. This session will cover KPI theory, how to create them at different levels (Tiers I, II, and III), and how to manage their on-going reporting.

ONE Company, ONE Team: Developing a Fully Integrated Long-Range Plan. Learn how Cenovus Energy transformed their long-range planning process through the implementation of Oracle’s Hyperion Strategic Finance.

Rolling Forecast Implementation: 7 Factors for Success. This session outlines the seven key factors necessary for a successful implementation of Rolling Forecasts, including technology requirements and cultural shifts from the “traditional budgeting” mentality.

The Evolving Role of the FP&A Professional. This session will take a look at the beginning of the FP&A role, how it has evolved and the future of the FP&A role highlighting what skills/certifications will be needed to be an effective and efficient FP&A professional going forward.

The Intersection of Treasury and FP&A. In this panel session, the intersection of FP&A and treasury will be explored to gain a better understanding of how leveraging both areas can be beneficial to the organization.

FP&A and Risk Management: Different Roles for a Common Goal. This session covers the role of FP&A into risk strategy, key considerations for FP&A added value at the C-suite level, and lessons learned from corporations.

The Process of Financial Analysis. This session provides a world-class approach to financial analysis which has worked across industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing.

Pre-conference workshops

The 2013 AFP Annual Conference also four pre-conference FP&A workshops led by practitioners and thought leaders.

Sessions include:

October 26: Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting—Quantitative Forecasting Techniques. This course introduces several state-of-the-art topics in cash flow forecasting including time series and regression methods of projecting cash flows and techniques for estimating cash flow volatility and risk.

October 26: Capital Budgeting. This advanced course examines key concepts in capital budgeting including, decision making and the value optimization, cash flow analysis, and decision tools required to evaluate estimated cash flows.

October 27: Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting—Monte Carlo Methods. Through a variety of examples and demonstrations, this course helps attendees to apply Monte Carlo methods to cash flow forecasting problems such as mixing forecasts, non-normal cash flow distributions and multi-period forecasting and execute Monte Carlo models as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using a third-party add-in.

October 27: FP&A’s Role in Business Strategy. This course introduces the need to explore potential outcomes of financial decisions and effectively communicate them with good governance and enterprise risk management to decision makers for strategic vision realization.

Register for the 2013 AFP Annual Conference here.

This article appears in the October edition of the FP&A newsletter.

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