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Corporate Treasurer Reaches for Stars, Imagines Asteroid

  • By Elizabeth Johns
  • Published: 2011-03-01

If you have ever taken a few minutes out of your finance day to imagine what would happen if a comet hit Earth, then this is for you.

Ever been afraid to reach for the stars?

Not K.A. McDicken. She is the former corporate treasurer of AUSSAT, Australia’s national satellite system, and she is now writing science fiction novels for young adults. (If you want an idea of the sophistication of AUSSAT communication satellites, you can see a few images of them being deployed from our space shuttle Discovery via NASA’s website.)

Evidently, McDicken’s work with AUSSAT awakened an interest in astronomical phenomena, according to a press release last month, and she began writing science fiction, culminating in a book called “In the Cold Light of Tomorrow,” released through Amazon.com and other outlets.

The story follows the lives of some mutant humans who are born after a comet collides with Earth. The mutants have special abilities that they conceal, but which they are called upon to use to solve a series of grisly murder mysteries.

I had to read the press release twice to make sure I was seeing this correctly.

McDicken is quoted as saying that the story line is intended to reinforce among young people the importance of examining facts and making decisions for oneself, without being influenced by external pressures. You may laugh, but you have to admit that McDicken’s background in accountancy and corporate treasury serves her well in her new calling.

Special abilities? That’s a bit like the strategic partnership that exists between the best treasurers and the C-level.

Being called upon to solve mysteries? Who hasn’t had to do a little forensic accounting from time to time?

Examining facts before making decisions? Isn’t that the real value that financial professionals provide to their organizations?

And what about that asteroid that may be headed our way? Fits in nicely with risk management.

Get out your telescopes, everybody.

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