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Cash Repatriation Takes Center Stage at AFP Annual Conference

  • By Ira Apfel
  • Published: 2011-11-07

BOSTON -- When is a dividend not a dividend? When a foreign country decides it is actually an intercompany loan. “One country might say it’s an intercompany loan, but the other country might say it’s a dividend, so make sure you have the proper documentation to show it’s really a dividend,” said Brenda Szymanowski, CTP, Corporate Treasurer, AstenJohnson, speaking at a cash repatriation session Monday at the AFP 2011 Annual Conference.

Speaking before a standing room only crowd of more than 100 corporate practitioners, Szymanowski advised attendees on the five best ways to move cash most efficiently between countries: dividends, intercompany loans, supply chain payments, service fees and return of capital invested.

One key piece of advice from Szymanowski: Standardize the terminology and rates in your loan documents to simplify matters for your treasury and finance department.

Later in the session, Jeanine Arnett, AFP’s Director, Government Relations & Public Policy, updated session attendees on the latest Congressional efforts to reform corporate tax regulations. The latest iteration comes from the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee, which has proposed a territorial corporate tax structure. AFP supports corporate tax reform and, Arnett noted, it was the first trade group to ask all members of Congress to reform the tax code.  

Just 12 hours earlier, former President Bill Clinton reiterated his support for corporate tax reform.


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