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AFP Launching 2012 Treasury Benchmarking Program

  • By Andrew Deichler
  • Published: 2012-04-09

The AFP Treasury Benchmarking Program is scheduled to launch this week and run through the end of April. Now in its fifth year, the program enables financial professionals to weigh the performance of their organizations’ treasury operations against their peers.

The survey asks treasurers about key metrics, as well as demographic questions, allowing AFP to create clear-cut benchmarking data. “You can hone into where you are and see where your peers are in say, manufacturing, or those that have over $5 billion in annual revenue,” said Kevin Roth, Ph.D., managing director, research and strategic analysis at AFP. “You can hone in and see whether your company size matches that or whether you’re a little too lean or a little too fat staff-wise, or through other resources.”

This year’s program will differentiate from previous ones, Roth explained. AFP is using its own online tool for the survey, allowing for a more streamlined and faster process than previous versions. Additionally, AFP is going to identify benchmark organizations and talk to them directly to get a better understanding of why they are so efficient. “You can’t really ask them in an online survey, ‘Why are you so great?’” said Roth. “We actually want to talk to them and understand things such as what their role as a treasury department is within the organization as a whole. If the organization’s CEO and other senior management see treasury as a strategic function, does that help raise the performance of the group?”

A little over a month after taking the survey, AFP will follow up with respondents and provide them with a custom benchmark report, comparing their information with others in their peer groups. Results of the program will be unveiled at the 2012 AFP Annual Conference, this October in Miami.
“Like some of our other surveys, our members will tell you that this is very important to capture benchmark data,” said Roth. “This is our way to give it back to the profession and our members. If you didn’t receive invitation to it, go ahead and drop us a line and we’ll set you up so you can be a participant.”

IBM is working with AFP on the Treasury Benchmarking Program, as it has every year since the program’s inception. PNC is also on board as the financial underwriter for the second consecutive year. More information on the program can be found here.

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