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AFP Advisors Network Pairs Members for Consulting Projects

  • By Ira Apfel
  • Published: 2013-09-12

Some AFP members want to teach. Other members want to learn.

What’s the best way to bring them together? The answer may be the AFP Advisors Network, the newest member benefit from the Association for Financial Professionals.
The AFP Advisors Network recruits and hires AFP members and then matches them with organizations in need of their treasury and finance expertise. The Advisors can work as a short-term sounding board or on a long-term project—whatever the organization needs.

“Our Advisors come from many backgrounds,” said William Coyner, AFP Advisors Network Client Director. “Some may want to give back to their fellow members. Others have full-time jobs but are looking to expand the breadth of their skills. And others may be between full-time positions and are interested in possibly pursuing a consultative career.”

Approximately 50 members have joined the Advisors Network, Coyner said.  So far, the Advisors are located across the United States as well as Canada and South America.

Screening advisors

Coyner and Lauri Putt Needleman, AFP Advisors Network Manager, Advisor Relations, make sure every member that wants to join the network is properly screened and vetted for clients. With a combined 25 years in hiring and staffing for finance and financial services positions, they also learn the members’ areas of strengths so they can find appropriate project matches.

“Our screening process consists of interviews and reference checks,” Coyner said. “Some Advisors also provide video resumes so our clients can learn more about them.”

As an added benefit to those who join the Advisors Network, AFP has engaged a third party to handle back-office issues, including billing and collections. “This is great for members because consultants typically get paid every 30 to 45 days whereas the Advisors Network pays every two weeks,” Coyner said.
Putt Needleman added, “Advisors even get access to the third party’s group insurance plans, so they won’t have to buy insurance on their own—that’s another challenge consultants typically face.”

Other potential Advisors Network benefits include:

  • W-2 instead of multiple 1099s. That makes advisors more attractive to lenders when applying for loans or mortgages.
  • Appropriate tax withholdings and expense tracking so advisors won’t have to itemize at the end of the year.
  • Contract negotiation support on terms and conditions, statement of works or other business documents.
  • Pre- and post-tax retirement savings plan options.
  • Brokerage link-account and access to financial advisor at no additional fee.
  • Life insurance and long-term disability coverage.
  • Personal business manager to assist with contracting, benefits, billing, tax issues and more.

Once members join the Advisors Network, Coyner and Putt Needleman discuss projects with clients to ascertain their needs. The appropriate member is then paired with the client for the project.

Join the AFP Advisors Network or to hire a member from the AFP Advisors Network here.

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