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AFP Money Market Funds Monitor

Daily yields, assets and WAMs for top-yielding U.S. and Offshore institutional money-market funds.

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), in partnership with iMoneyNet, is pleased to offer AFP members access to comparative daily information for institutional money-market funds. This money fund data provides corporate cash investors with critical information needed to make daily investment decisions. In addition, this data assists with reducing risk, compliance and due-diligence reporting. iMoneyNet is the leading provider of money fund information and analytics.

Money fund data for AFP members includes:

  • Top 10-yielding Institutional money funds
  • Offshore and U.S. fund information
  • 1-, 7- and 30-day yields
  • WAMs
  • Prospectuses
  • Fund fact sheets
  • Portfolio assets

This money fund information is generated from iMoneyNet's Web-based Money Fund Monitor. This product also offers money fund benchmarks, AAA ratings, portfolio composition, interest rates, commentary, and data for more than 2,000 global money-market funds.

For questions on the money fund information available through AFP, please contact Brian Kalish, Finance Practice Lead

For additional money fund information or complete access to Money Fund Monitor, please contact Kevin Grist at 508-614-1655 or kgrist@imoneynet.com

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