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June 2012 AFP Exchange


June 2012 AFP Exchange

The June issue of Exchange always focuses on Canada – the treasury and finance topics specific to the nation, and the unique economic challenges it faces that inform Canadian treasury and finance. Andrew Deichler’s cover story, “Reckoning,” is a sober look at the state of Canadian payments, which was declared broken by a Canadian government task force. Elsewhere, Nilly Essaides has two Canadian articles. The first is an interview with Peter Hall, the chief economist for Export Development Canada. The second features perspectives from the Society of Canadian Treasurers. The former has a surprisingly rosy outlook, but the latter is more guarded. Economist Jennifer McKeown has no such reservations about the eurozone: “Some form of eurozone breakup seems increasingly likely,” her first sentence states. All of this cross-border coverage makes for provocative reading, to say the least.



  • Reckoning
    Andrew Deichler
    The Canadian government calls the payments field obsolete

  • Rate Hike
    Nilly Essaides
    The Society of Canadian Treasurers call for higher interest rates and more borrowing

  • End Game
    Jennifer McKeown
    Why the eurozone cannot survive in its current form

  • Hands-On Experience
    David Weldon
    Companies increasingly are hiring CFOs with operational experience

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