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CIEBA Webinars


6/24/15 Tibble v. Edison: Implications for Plan Sponsors - Webinar Recording - Presentation
5/20/15 DOL's Fiduciary Advice Initiative - Implications of the New Rule and Exemptions for Plan Sponsors - Webinar Recording - Presentation
3/19/15 ERISA Fiduciary Basics for Defined Contribution Plans - Webinar Recording  - Presentation
2/25/15 Fundamentals of DB Fiduciary Responsibility - Webinar Recording - Presentation - Additional Information
12/11/14 A Discussion on Pension Fund Asset-Liability Modeling with Towers Watson - Webinar Recording - Presentation


Looking Forward to 2015: The Legislative Outlook and the Impact of Recent Litigation Webinar Recording - Slides 


Where Do We Go from Here? Webinar Recording - Slides


Unconstrained Fixed Income in a DB Portfolio Webinar Recording - Slides


Efficient Retirement Design - Webinar Recording - Slides


Reaching Plan Participants - Webinar Recording - Slides


A Practical Overview of the Pension Plan - Webinar Recording - Slides


Fiduciary Basics - DB Plans - Slides


Designing Sustainable Retirements - Webinar Recording - Slides


Fiduciary Basics - Webinar Recording - Slides


Designing Retirement Solutions for the 21st Century: Challenges in and around the Gray/Grey zone - Slides


Volcker Rule - Slides


Fair Value - Update on FASB Requirements and New Developments - Slides




CIEBA Primers

CIEBA of AFP has published these educational pamphlets in an effort to increase the knowledge base of employees, providers and regulators on these retirement vehicles as they are implemented in the U.S. private sector.


A CIEBA Q & A on new reporting requirements for gifts and gratuities received by plan sponsors (Updated January 2010)

Defined Contribution Fee Disclosure Best Practices

Investment Officer's Guide

Pension Plan Liabilities
Answers to Questions about the Valuation of the Liabilities of Private Pension Plans.

Basics of Pension Plans Regulated by ERISA (Defined Benefit Plans)
Answers to the questions most frequently asked about the investment, administration and regulation of Defined Benefit Plans.

Defined Contribution Plans
Answers to the questions most frequently asked about the investment, administration and regulation of Defined Contribution Plans

Derivatives Primer
Answers to the questions most frequently asked about derivatives and their use by private pension plans.

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