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CIEBA, the Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets, represents more than 100 of the country's largest pension funds. Its members manage almost $2 trillion of defined benefit and defined contribution plan assets on behalf of 17 million plan participants and beneficiaries. As the largest organization of corporate pension investment officers, CIEBA represents the interests of employee benefit plan sponsors before legislators, Congress, regulators, and the media.

Since 1985, CIEBA has provided a nationally recognized forum and voice for corporate pension plan sponsors on investment and fiduciary issues.  CIEBA members are senior corporate investment officers who are responsible for managing corporate retirement plan assets. Raymond Kanner, Chief Investment Officer of IBM, is the current chair.



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CIEBA's mission is to improve retirement security and increase investment management effectiveness by:

  • Keeping plan sponsors up-to-date on legislative, regulatory, and investment issues affecting defined benefit and defined contribution plans

  • Providing a vendor-free forum for members to discuss these issues, develop effective solutions, and discharge their fiduciary responsibilities

  • Serving as an information resource for legislative and regulatory bodies

  • Supporting constructive policy and legislative initiatives

  • Building understanding and support for the private sector retirement system

CIEBA is committed to strengthening the private sector retirement system so that it continues as a major source of retirement income for millions of Americans. CIEBA members recognize that the assets held by the private sector retirement system provide a significant source of long-term capital essential for growth.

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CIEBA Membership Benefits & Services



Representation in Washington

As the largest organization of corporate pension investment officers, CIEBA is a unique organization with a focus on the investment of retirement funds. CIEBA has testified before Congress and government regulatory agencies to express opinions on various issues, including the following.

  • Maintaining the tax-free status of securities transactions made on the behalf of retirement plans
  • Requesting relief from the nondiscrimination rules for soft frozen single-employer defined benefit plans
  • Support the fiduciary safe harbor for participant-directed investments of defined contribution plans
  • Enhancing access to expert investment advice and education
  • Encouraging a more flexible exemption process in the prohibited transaction area that properly balances the potential risks to plan participants with the benefits of the particular transaction investment issues

Peer Networking

CIEBA meetings are a forum for candid off-the-record discussions among peers of contemporary issues. Some examples of topics presented and discussed in the past include:

  • Pension De-Risking
  • Customized Target Date Funds
  • Brokerage/Mutual Fund Windows within DC Plans
  • Benchmarking Illiquid Assets
  • Procrastination in DC Plans

Industry Trends

Through surveys, CIEBA provides exclusive information on trends within the industry and issues members are currently addressing.  These include:

  • The Annual Membership Profile Survey highlights trends in asset allocation, equity turnover, indexation, and internal and external management
  • Quarterly surveys of discount rates and return on assets, which members say are critical for benchmarking
  • Ad hoc surveys on current issues important to members

Investment Issues

As the only forum for discussion among exclusively corporate plan sponsors, CIEBA meetings allow members to examine significant investment issues. Past meetings have addressed:

  • Smart beta for expanding the investor’s toolkit
  • Investment committee governance
  • Alternative benchmarks
  • Emerging Market investments
  • Risk management tools

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Membership Requirements


The effectiveness of CIEBA in its role as an authoritative resource on pension and investment issues is due in large measure to the expertise and active participation of its members. Membership is limited exclusively to ERISA-governed corporate plan sponsors. In order to become a member of CIEBA you should:

  • Be the senior person in your company with primary responsibility for the investment of defined benefit and/or defined contribution retirement assets
  • Be employed by a corporation with $1 billion in revenues or with $250 million or more of benefit plan investments under management
  • Participate in CIEBA's annual Membership Profile Survey for defined benefit and contribution plans. Individual responses are confidential

The CIEBA membership meets twice a year to address both public policy and investment issues through open dialogue with key public policymakers and investment industry leaders.

CIEBA Membership Levels

CIEBA has two levels of membership: General members and Working Group members.

General Members

General members receive CIEBA’s annual Membership Profile Survey, a confidential report of best practices of top retirement fund managers. General members also have the opportunity to attend CIEBA’s vendor-free annual meeting. This meeting addresses both public policy and investment issues through open discussions with key policymakers and investment industry leaders. In addition, General members can:

  • Access CIEBA’s website, newsletters, and free member-only webinars with experts and peers in the retirement field
  • Develop a network of retirement plan chief investment officers for candid off-the-record conversations on the latest investment management strategies and company challenges and successes
  • Automatically become a member of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) with access to news, economic research and data, and webinars on treasury and finance issues

Working Group Members

CIEBA Working Group members meet quarterly to address both public policy and investment issues through open dialogue with key policymakers and investment industry leaders. As a Working Group member, you are part of a powerful circle of senior investment professionals that help shape national retirement policy. In addition to the benefits provided to General members, as a Working Group member you can:

  • Participate in quarterly working group meetings where you can have candid off-the-record conversations on the latest investment and fiduciary issues you face
  • Develop and guide CIEBA’s advocacy positions on regulatory and legislative issues
  • Communicate and educate CIEBA members and policymakers on current investment and fiduciary issues
  • Participate in committees on specialized topics:

    • Defined Benefit Plans
    • Defined Contribution Plans
    • Internationals Plans
    • Investments
    • Communications / Surveys
    • Risk Management Task Force
    • Mortality Task Force
    • Specialized Task Forces on current topics

The Working Group meets quarterly.

For information on CIEBA membership, please contact Charles Stallings by email at cstallings@CIEBA.org or phone (301) 961-8806.

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Membership Application


Please note that your application will be reviewed for CIEBA membership criteria. Upon final approval, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your CIEBA membership.

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