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Bottom Line: Leadership Milestones

  • By Elizabeth Johns
  • Published: 2014-05-09

The following path is based upon the actual careers of several recently appointed corporate treasurers. Expect a few twists and turns along the way.

Earn undergraduate degree.

Accept a position in the finance department of an organization.

Gain direct corporate finance experience, such as M&A or working on an IPO.

After several years on the job, earn a certification to demonstrate knowledge and ongoing commitment to the profession.

Assume additional responsibilities, accepting lateral moves that show adaptability.

Gain some experience working with the e-business team, understanding the importance of the marketing function and FP&A experience.
Collect staff supervisory experience.

Complete series of global assignments.

Assume oversight of the investor relations function, polish ability to communicate at the highest levels.

Become top finance position of a business unit. In a very large company, serve as head of one of the business lines.

Jump to a higher level role with a smaller company.

Elevate to strategic, advisory role, such as becoming a member of the corporate executive council or strategic planning team.

Become corporate treasurer.

This article appears in the May edition of AFP Exchange.

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