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AFP Guides

An in-depth look at a specified topic that is developed via interviews with treasury professionals. Gain practical applications and tools to help you make informed decisions on topics from global liquidity to payments, offered quarterly.

CTC_Essentials/CTC-13_InsuranceGuide_Thumb.png   CTC GUIDES
Designed for treasury executives.  
CTC-13_RschPrsptvs_12Liq_Thumb.png   CTC RESEARCH PERSPECTIVES
Designed for treasury executives.  
FPA-13_Guide_Frcsting_Thumb.png   FP&A GUIDES  
GLQ-13_Guide_Vsblty_Thumb.png   GLOBAL LIQUIDITY GUIDES  
AFP-13_PymntsGd_Intrchng_Thumb.png   AFP PAYMENTS GUIDES  

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