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FP&A Guide Series

An in-depth look at FP&A-related topics that are developed via interviews with finance professionals. Presented as quarterly case studies with practical applications and tools to help you make informed decisions about key FP&A methods.
The FP&A Guide Series is an AFP member benefit.

 2016 FPA Guide ZBB Thumb  

AFP Guide to Zero-Based Budgeting 2.0
There’s a new brand of zero-based budgeting (ZBB) out there. It’s at once more strategic and more targeted. Learn how to own the budget by emphasizing what's most important.This guide is available for a limited time to registered users of the AFP site.


AFP Guide to Big Data
The use of big data in finance is not a question of whether but of when. This guide outlines how FP&A teams in companies like Providence Health & Services and Payless ShoesSource are adopting big data strategies to help support smarter business decisions.


AFP Guide to Driver-Based Modeling
Driver-based modeling links business drivers to financial outcomes, allowing FP&A teams to come up with more accurate forecasts and drive better decisions. This guide asks why more companies are incorporating driver-based modeling into their forecasting methodology and looks at the benefits it may have for your organization.


 FPA Talent Gap Thumb  

AFP Guide to Addressing the FP&A Talent Gap
FP&A chiefs are facing a gap between the talents they need to move finance to it's next level and what they seem to find in the market place. They consistently point to this gap as one of their major obstacles to adding greater value to management. This guide explores the top skills CFO's look for and includes 6 case studies of how practitioners are rising to the challenge.

 FP&A Guide Rolling Forecasts Thumb  

AFP Guide to Implementing a Rolling Forecast
The world moves faster and the economy has become less predictable. In such an environment, companies are realizing that traditional fiscal year-end forecasts have become less useful. In this guide, we'll discuss how a rolling forecast allows FP&A professionals to play a leading role in strategic discussions and communications by providing management with timely and substantive data.


AFP Guide to Improving Analytics
Analytics tools for FP&A professionals are more precise than ever. Yet, only a fraction of finance groups use them well—if at all.This guide offers expert advice and real-world insights on how FP&A professionals can get the most out of analytics to help drive their organizations' strategic decision-making.

 2015 FP&A Guide to Shortening the Budget Cycle - Thumb  

AFP Guide to Shortening the Budget Cycle
Sponsored by Workiva
The traditional budgeting process is losing traction. Companies realize that a 12-month budget does not mesh with today’s dynamic environment. In this guide, we’ll discuss frustration over the status quo, who’s instigating change, and the many interim fixes FP&A professionals can implement in order to move toward a more value-added budget process.


AFP Guide to Data Visualization
Sponsored by Workiva
Marketing and sales departments have typically made mare use of data visualization than have FP&A teams, but that's beginning to change. Going forward, interactive data tools will allow finance professionals to not only confirm hypotheses, but also ask additional questions, further interact with the data, and provide continuous feedback to management.

 2014 FP&A Structures Guide Thumb - Updated  

AFP Guide to FP&A Organizational Structures
Sponsored by Workiva
This guide explores the various approaches to an FP&A organizational structure. With comments from experts and multiple case studies, it provides an overview of different companies’ approaches and emerging trends, delves into the pros and cons of each approach, and offers a list of best practices.

 Risk-Adjusted Forecasting - Thumbnail  

AFP Guide to Demystifying Risk-Adjusted Forecasting
Sponsored by Workiva
By incorporating a wide range of assumptions, risk-adjusted forecasting can provide companies with a greater understanding of potential risks and mitigation strategies. This guide outlines how risk-adjusted forecasting can work in practical terms. It includes interviews with over a dozen practitioners and experts, as well as eight case studies that demonstrate different companies’ approaches to risk in their forecasting process.


AFP Guide to Making Capital Allocation Decisions
With companies sitting on vast reserves of cash, capital allocation decisions will have a big impact on individual company performances in particular and on economic growth more broadly. Following up on AFP’s 2013 Cost of Capital Survey, this guide explores how firms calculate their capital cost and how FP&A professionals can partner with senior management in making important capital allocation decisions.


AFP Guide to FP&A Systems
This FP&A guide explores the trends that are driving system development and emerging software capabilities, from cloud computing to mobile access. It brings together the thoughts of over a dozen experts and six case studies of companies using different systems to improve their FP&A processes and better support management decision-making.


AFP Guide to Forecasting
There is a big chasm between where experts and market leaders say companies should be and where many of them actually are when it comes to forecasting methods. We interviewed experts and practitioners from companies of different sizes and in different industries, combined them with quantitative analysis based on the AFP 2013 Risk Survey and created this guide of best practices.


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