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Roundtable Sessions


Monday, May 23


10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

OECD Proposals on Base Erosion/Profit Shifting: What Treasurers Need to Know
This is the biggest shake-up of multinational taxation since the basics of the current framework were put in place in the 1920’s. Hear about the 13 actions proposed by the OECD which will require companies to improve technology and add resources in order to comply with the reporting requirements. Join the discussion on how this may affect the treasury organization specifically.

Melissa Cameron
Head of Global Treasury Services

Thomas Driscoll
Partner | US International Tax & Transfer Pricing


Cyberrisk and Security
Cybersecurity is no longer just a CIO or IT issue. Businesses need to be more strategic in their approach to managing cyberrisk. And Treasury has an important role in working effectively across the organization to stop BECS. Understand the challenges of performing a cyberrisk assessment and developing an incident management plan.

Ashik Ardeshna

Partner, Head Strategic IT & Operations (SITO)
Oliver Wyman

Joel Campbell
Vice President & Treasurer
H&R Block


Financing a Fast Growing Company
The global markets are moving at an increasingly rapid pace which necessitates creative ways to finance a business. And it doesn’t necessarily only apply to young and new companies. Hear from the treasurers of two fast growing companies and the role that treasury plays in capital markets.

Varvara Alva

Gogo Air

1:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Impacts of Basel III
There are many different ways in which Basel III regulations impact a business and treasury. Most notably they affect pooling, bank deposits, and revolvers. This session will explore the direct impacts to the banks, and the indirect effect on corporations.

Nilly Essaides
Director-Financial Planing & Analysis Practice
Association for Financial Professionals

Michael Sommer
Assistant Treasurer
Scott’s Miracle Gro

Mark M. Smith
Head of Global Liquidity
Bank of America Merrill Lynch


A Slowdown in China:  What does it mean?
Starting with an economic overview, what impact does a China slow-down have on treasury? And how does that impact financing and exchange rates? Are foreign banks doing better than local ones? Specifically what are the varying interpretation of rules and provincial disagreement about opening accounts? How do I fund what I’m doing in China? What do you need to know if you are entering China? Also what are the latest developments in the liberalization of China’s regulations?

Robert Corner
Senior Client Portfolio Manager

Joe Madrid
Global Liquidity Portfolio Manager, former Credit Research Analyst – China


Cash Flow Forecast: FP&A and Treasury
More and more, treasury is collaborating with FP&A on producing the cash forecast (liquidity forecast), looking at entity level (Treasury) vs. aggregate level that FP&A does. How do the two collaborate? and what are some best practices? Hear from the treasurer and FP&A director from same company talking about their relationship.

Jim Gilligan, CTP, FP&A

Assistant Treasurer
Great Plains Energy

Tuesday, May 24


9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

How are You Effectively Engaging with Your Board?
More treasurers are more engaged with Boards, combining a strategic focus with existing views of macroeconomics. The information CFOs need from treasury to report to the Board: how risk is assessed and measured, managed and then reported. How to pull it all together.

Jean Furter

Vice President & Treasurer

Dan Fairfax
Senior Vice President & CFO

Alan Earhart
Director, Brocade
Chair of Audit Committee, Netapp


Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Where Does Finance Fit In?
Natural resource risk management is becoming more important to investors, customers and rating agencies. Learn how various companies are addressing this pressing issue and how treasury is part of the equation.

 CTC Forum Preview: Get insight into what Drew Wolff from Starbucks will discuss during this session.

Drew Wolff


Managing Multiple Currencies as a Portfolio
FX risk management has become increasingly more difficult and complex in today’s volatile world. Should you be looking at hedging your multi-currency risks in correlation and on a portfolio basis, not single currency by single currency? Can you even look at the correlation between certain commodities and currencies? Counterparty risk also enters greatly into the equation. What are best practices in financial and trade partners?

 CTC Forum Preview: Get insight into what Gary Barth from UPS will discuss during this session.

Scott Bilter

Gary Barth
Vice President, Treasury

Tatiana Nemo
Director of Treasury

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