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AFP Research Dashboards

Interested how companies similar to yours stack up in the latest AFP Research Report? AFP Dashboards show you a snapshot of results that are in line with your company's industry, size or type.

The dashboard takes only a few moments to generate and gives you instant access to results based on the parameters you set.

Compensation Dashboard

New Logo 2014 Comp ThumbnailThe Compensation Dashboard provides a snapshot of salary information for 20 treasury/finance job titles, using data from the 2014 AFP Compensation Survey.

The 26th annual survey revealed that overall financial professionals realized a 3.8 percent gain in their base salaries 2013. Advanced degrees and certifications were linked to higher salaries, especially at the management level.


Asset Allocation Dashboard

 2013 Liquidity Survey Large ThumbnailThe Asset Allocation Dashboard will show you benchmarks for average short-term investment decisions, based on the 2014 AFP Liquidity Survey (underwritten by RBS Citizens).

The survey showed that a cautiously optimistic business outlook continued to shape organizations’ cash and short-term investment decisions. Almost three-quarters of short-term balances were held in bank deposits, money market funds and U.S. Treasury securities.

Payments Fraud Dashboard

2014 Payments Fraud Thumb.With the Payments Fraud Dashboard you can see peer benchmarks for the nature and frequency of fraudulent attacks on business-to-business payments, based on the 2014 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey (underwritten by J.P. Morgan).

The survey found 60 percent of organizations experienced payments fraud in 2013.

Risk Reporting Dashboard

2014 Risk Survey coverWith the Risk Reporting Dashboard you can benchmark your organization’s risk management structure by ownership type, revenue and geography, based on the 2014 AFP Risk Survey (underwritten by Oliver Wyman).

Eighty-six percent of financial professionals anticipate it will be as difficult or more difficult to forecast risk today than it was three years ago and 45 percent reported their organizations are exposed to more uncertainty relative to three years ago. 

Treasury Benchmarking Dashboard

 2013 Treasury Benchmarking ThumbUse the Treasury Benchmarking Dashboard to see peer benchmarks for the performance of your organizations' treasury operations, based on the 2013 Treasury Benchmarking Survey.

The survey found large gaps continue to separate the median organization from benchmark peers. This means a typical organization, in terms of full-time equivalents and cost of operations, often operates at levels several multiples higher than the benchmark company.

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