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Thursday, June 5


8:00 - 9:00 a.m. | OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS

The Big Pivot: How Business Strategy and Corporate Sustainability Fit Together

A U.N. report documents the consequences of climate change for poverty and the environment, putting pressure on the U.S. government to act, and therefore corporations as well. Following his first book on how going green can also be profitable in “Green is Gold”, Andrew Winston, in his new book, The Big Pivot, offers key strategies for operating in new ways that help bring about a more profitable and prosperous economy and world.

Andrew Winston
Green to Gold
Winston Eco-Strategies 


Treasury as a Change Agent 

Since the financial crisis the treasurer continues to take on more and more responsibilities such as capital structure planning, enterprise-wide risk management, pensions, and getting more involved in the strategy of the business overall. Using the recent AFP Survey on the Strategic Role of Treasury as a backdrop, we will hear from several treasurers and CFO’s as they discuss this key topic.

Johan Nystedt 
Vice President & Treasurer 
Levi Strauss & Co. 

Steve Overholser, CTP, CPA
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Great Clips, Inc

Scott Lampe, CPA
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Hendrick Motorsports

10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.   |   CONCURRENT ROUNDTABLES

Making Capital Allocation Decisions with Strategy in Mind 

As cash balances sitting on the books continue to grow, there’s pressure from investors to buy back shares. The real question is what should be done with it? Instead of looking at capital structure in isolation as an almost academic exercise, the real driver should be to see how it integrates into the strategy of the business. How do strategic initiatives affect capital structure? And how can capital structure support those initiatives? Treasury is in the best position to answer those questions.

Dana Laidhold
Principal & Treasurer
The Carlyle Group, LLC

Tina Kobetsky
VMware, Inc.

Managing Bank Relationships in a Changing Regulatory Environment

Given Dodd-Frank and Basel III, how have those regulations affected the banks and what does the new bank profitability model look like? What does that mean for their corporate customers?

Greg Kavanaugh
Senior Vice President
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Rich Levin
Managing Director;
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Short-Term Investment Strategies

With continued ultra-low short term interest rates, changes in money market funds, and potential for banks’ earning credits not to be so attractive, what is the scenario for short term investing?

Geoff Nolan Head of Global Investments
eBay Inc.  

1:30 - 2:45 p.m.   |   CONCURRENT ROUNDTABLES

Intersection of Treasury, Risk and FP&A

Some of the findings from the recently published 2014 AFP Risk Survey describe the need for organizations’ FP&A, Risk and Treasury functions to interact more together and to incorporate risk into the corporate strategy. This roundtable, led by someone who is responsible for both Treasury and FP&A, will get right into that discussion.

Mario Rizzo
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Allstate Insurance Co.

Christine Morris
Vice President, FP&A
Halliburton Company

Amit Singh
Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
Pfizer Inc.

In-House Banking

Is an in-house bank for you? Hear from a company who has established one and what the benefits are, as well as the issues with starting one.

Johan Nystedt 
Vice President & Treasurer 
Levi Strauss & Co. 

Fiona Deroo
Managing Director 
Bank of America Merrill Lynch    

A Game Plan for Financing in a Rising Long-Term Interest Rate Environment

It’s no secret that non-financial corporations issued billions of dollars of bonds in 2013 and continue to do so this year as long term interest rates look to continue to rise in the face of the Fed’s tapering. This session will explore the outlook for interest rates along with tactics for companies to lock in what are still historically low rates.

Amol Dhargalkar
Managing Director
Chatham Financial Corp  

Doug Moore
Assistant Treasurer
ARRIS Group Inc.

Gavin Waugh, CTP
Vice President & Treasurer
Wendy’s International


3:15 - 4:30 p.m.   |   CONCURRENT ROUNDTABLES

Integration of Treasury—Post M&A

After an M&A transaction is completed, does treasury’s work end or just begin? So what does it entail to successfully integrate a new acquisition into the existing treasury setup? There are the bank accounts straight away to take care of and locking down the cash of course. What else?

Ritu Narula
Stericycle Inc.

Kirk von Seelen
Vice President & Assistant Treasurer
General Dynamics Corporation


The overall funding ratio of the 100 biggest corporate pension plans in the U.S. has reached 89% this year, up from 73% last year, so now what? Explore the latest issues with DB and DC plans with the head of CEIBA and a CIO from one of those 100 largest plans.They will also discuss the strategies employed by many of the CIEBA members as it applies to both types of plans.

Deborah Forbes
Executive Director

Wayne Adams
Director of Investments
AT&T Inc.

Counterparty Risk Management - Risk in the Supply Chain

While there is always a lot of discussion about financial counterparty risk especially as it pertains to banking and investments, an equally critical risk is in the supply chain. So many manufacturers these days rely on contract manufacturers. So what happens when one of them or one of their plants closes and disrupts your supply chain?

Mike Connolly, CTP
Vice President & Treasurer
Tiffany & Co.

Mike Hodges
Vice President & Corporate Treasurer
Biomet, Inc.

Elizabeth St. Onge
Partner, Corporate & Institutional Banking
Oliver Wyman


6:00 - 8:00 p.m. | EXCLUSIVE DINNER

John G. Shedd Aquarium & Oceanarium

Hosted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Friday, June 6



Treasury Leadership: Attracting & Retaining Talent

This topic is one of the most discussed issues at the CTC roundtables and with gtnews readers. It is universal and applicable to everyone and anyone who manages and leads a team of people. Participate in this general session discussion to share ideas about what you are doing to attract, develop and retain talent, and how it takes a strong leader to develop a high-performing team.

Nilly Essaides, Moderator
Director, Practitioner Content Development
Association for Financial Professionals

Sean Bagan
Polaris Industries Inc.

Cris Barros, CTP
The Mosaic Company

Elizabeth Ewing
Partner, Financial Officer's Practice
Heidrick & Struggles


9:45 - 11:00 a.m.   |   CONCURRENT ROUNDTABLES

Cyber Risk: Protecting your Data and Network 

With the heightened awareness of cyber fraud, what are some of the things companies can do to prevent or at least retard outside attacks on internal systems whether that be Card’s POS, critical infrastructure such as energy or water, or other data-sensitive information. And what are the alternatives for insuring against those breaches?

Lisa Joublanc, CCM
Vice President & Treasurer
Global Payments Inc.

Mary Guzman
Senior Vice President & Information Security Practice Leader
McGriff, Seibels & Williams

Securitization as a Liquidity Management Tool

Even while many companies have large cash balances and the credit markets provide ample opportunity to fund at historically low rates, liquidity is still an imperative in corporate treasury. Hear how securitization can add another dimension to your toolkit for those purposes, along with the latest on this topic from an accounting perspective.

Treasury Metrics

How to measure the performance of treasury is always of interest. These two corporate treasury officers have developed what they believe to be accurate, timely and relevant scorecards on Treasury. Join them in a discussion about how you can improve upon your process and measurements.

Ferdinand Jahnel
Vice President & Corporate Treasurer
Henry Schein & Co.

11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.   |   CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS

Cyber Risk and Security – Is Your Organization Prepared?

In the wake of multiple data breaches across the retail sector, cyber security has become a top priority. What safeguards should you have in place? Could you restore the capabilities of critical infrastructure that were impaired by a cyber security event? Kenneth Buford, special agent for the Chicago division of the FBI, will discuss the latest cyber criminal intrusions and how you can protect your systems, assets and data.

Kenneth Buford
Special Agent
FBI, Chicago Office

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