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2014 AFP Crucial Conversations Survey

Vitalsmarts cover Many historians discount the influence individuals have on the course of history. They focus on broad patterns and miss the particulars. Whenever we dig into the details of an organizational crisis, we find it is individuals creating history and determining the fates of their firms.

The Crucial Conversations in Finance Survey, produced by both AFP and VitalSmarts, includes 101 candid insights provided by financial professionals describing instances when they were faced with confronting sensitive or critical situations at their organization. In some cases, the financial professional was facing a potentially risky outcome for their careers based upon the conversations they had with their supervisors and peers.  In many other cases, however, the bold actions taken by the financial professional resulted in positive outcomes that drove results and bolstered his/her career.

 The report spotlights the importance of holding effective crucial conversations with managers and provides guidance having a successful dialogue.  These skills are crucial for the development of top performers, leaders, and influencers in any successful organization.

  • AFP article:  Crucial Conversations Define Financial Professionals’ Careers


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