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Treasury in Practice Series

Analysis and thought leadership on the practical application of key concepts and topics developed via interviews with experts and treasury professionals. Presented with key takeaways and informative tools to help you be more effective and increase efficiency.

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TIP KYC 16 Thumb  

How Treasury Can Ease The KYC Burden
Underwritten by Thomson Reuters
It's no secret that know-your-customer (KYC) compliance is a headache for corporate treasurers operating internationally. In this guide we’ll look at some possible solutions treasury professionals can apply to make the process easier. We can’t make KYC just magically go away—but we may be able to help you make the process more manageable.

TIP Business Continuity Thumb  

Business Continuity Planning: Why Treasury Needs a Plan B
Underwritten by Kyriba
Disaster can strike at any time. In today’s ever-changing world, extreme weather, power outages, cyber events and other incidents can severely disrupt operations. That’s why it is essential for corporates to have a business continuity plan in place. And since the treasury function is at the forefront of a company’s money, there may be no better department to be a leader in this area.


Business Email Compromise Scams
Business email compromise (BEC) scams are among the top fraud threats to corporate treasury and finance, as both the frequency of attempts and the total dollar amounts stolen have increased dramatically in recent months. AFP has compiled insights from security experts, law enforcement officials and financial professionals to give you the tools you need to recognize a BEC scam immediately—saving your organization a lot of money.

TIP Cash Forecasting  

Best Practices in Cash Forecasting
Companies are relying on multiple sources to help put together their cash forecast and are facing new challenges. This Treasury in Practice installment offers insight into best practices from experts and practitioners.


Insights and Best Practices, Vol. 1
Underwritten by KeyBank
In this comprehensive guide, AFP has compiled the case studies, best practices and practitioner insights from the past six Treasury in Practice installments.


Key Regulations That Impact Treasury Operations
Underwritten by KeyBank
Over the past couple of years, treasury has been facing a virtual onslaught of new federal regulations affecting everything from liquidity to risk to bank account and relationship management. How are you preparing?


Treasury in Practice ePayments Thumb  

Becoming Check-Free: How Treasury Can Move to E-Payments
Underwritten by KeyBank
Supported by their banks and software vendors - and pressured by the need to reduce cost and maximize working capital - more companies are looking to embrace electronic payments. This guide will help you think through the practical implications, challenges, and benefits of making the shift away from paper.


2014 TIP RFP Thumbnail  

How to Conduct a Successful RFP for Banking Services
Underwritten by KeyBank
Conducting a request for proposal (RFP) for banking services is one of the most time-consuming tasks treasury teams face. Whether it's validating existing pricing and services, or soliciting proposals for new services, treasury groups are often stretched to the limit trying to get the process done in a timely and efficient manner. Download this short guide for tips and best practices to streamline and improve your RFP processes.


TIP M&A Thumb  

Treasury's Role in Mergers & Acquisitions
Underwritten by KeyBank
Integrating a merger or acquisition is one of treasury’s greatest challenges. This guide seeks to identify key insights for treasurers to discharge effectively their critical role in the M&A process. Whether the goal is to increase product distribution, consolidate operations, or enter new markets, Treasury is well positioned to drive success.


2014 TIP - BAR Thumb  

Bank Account Reconciliation Best Practices
Underwritten by KeyBank
It’s easier than ever for companies to automatically match their cash accounts to bank records. This allows treasury to identify discrepancies quickly, better manage liquidity, and devote more time to strategic issues. This guide provides best practices and examples of how companies reconcile their bank accounts on a daily basis to ensure accuracy, quickly identify exceptions and prevent fraud.


Thumbnail - TIP II - BAM  

Improving Bank Account Management: Best Practices
Underwritten by KeyBank
Without first creating a rationalized account structure, treasury cannot do an effective job of administrating the accounts and keeping track of all relevant account information. This second installment in a series of Treasury In Practice reports offers best practices on how companies can streamline and improve their bank account management processes.



An Opportunity to Shine: Improving Bank Fee Analysis
Bank fee analysis may not be the sexiest aspect of treasury management, but it’s a critical part of the process and often has a very high ROI, especially at the outset. This first installment in a series of Treasury In Practice reports offers practical advice on how companies can initiate and improve the way they track bank fees and save substantial dollars in the process.


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