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AFP Member Toolkit


Effectively Communicating with Congress:
How You Can Impact Public Policy & Help Shape the Debate

As the global daily resource and advocate for over 16,000 finance and treasury professionals in the United States, the mission of AFP's government relations and advocacy program is to ensure that the profession's point of view on critical finance issues is factored into public discussion. By identifying legislation and regulations that impact the treasury and finance profession, AFP's Government Relations team works in conjunction with volunteer committees and task forces to engage key decision makers in Washington. Our goal is to ensure that the voice of corporate end-user is heard and considered during policy debates. But we CANNOT do this alone - it is critical that AFP members actively engage their elected officials on issues of importance to our profession.

To assist AFP members with the task of communicating with elected officials, AFP has created a new member toolkit that is designed to prepare you to be an effective citizen lobbyist. It is our hope that AFP members will consult this toolkit as they prepare to engage elected officials on the treasury and finance issues of importance.

One of the many beneficial aspects of living in the United States of America is that we can have direct influence on the way we are governed. Participation in the political process means not only voting, but also communicating with your elected representatives to express your position on a variety of policy issues. Members of Congress listen to their constituents and care about your opinions both as an individual voter, and as members of the business community serving their district. You can influence the decisions of your Representative and Senators by making your position heard loud and clear in Washington.

Advocacy provides great opportunities for financial professionals to engage policy makers on issues that are vitally important to the future of our profession. With the nation's financial markets in a troubled state, it is critically important that Congress hear from and include corporate finance practitioners in deliberations on the future structure of our capital markets and regulatory reform. AFP members are well equipped to educate legislators on the real world implications of the policies that they are proposing.

Later this summer, Members of Congress will begin their month-long August recess and this is a great time for you to contact your Representatives and Senators to weigh in on financial services/banking legislative/regulatory issues. Congressional recess serves as an important opportunity where YOU can interact with your elected officials and build key relationships with the legislators and their staff. What a perfect time to introduce yourself and offer keen insight into the real world implications of financial regulatory reform.

Click here to view and download the 2009 AFP Advocacy Toolkit.

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