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tuesday, may 3, 2011


7:45 – 9:00 am

Town Hall Meeting: Interchange and the Implications of Regulatory Changes for Retailers
Review the effects of regulatory changes to interchange fees in this interactive discussion. Gain insights into the impending changes from the Fed. Bring your strategies to the table and hear what best practices other companies are using to mitigate their charges.

David T. Montgomery, CTP
Treasury Manager
Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.

Steve Mott

Pat Moran
Senior Vice President, Product Management
Fifth Third Processing Solutions

Interchange Brief 

9:30 - 10:30 am

Concurrent Roundtables

Training In Store Personnel
Training in store personnel on treasury's cash procedures & controls, back office store financial operations, credit card receipts, separation of duties and controls, SOX controls and addressing audits is critical to sound operations. Discuss training initiatives and schedules with your colleagues to optimize staff performance.

Marriann Bullard
Director of Treasury, Assistant Treasurer
Academy Sports & Outdoors

Payments Fraud Survey Results
Following a brief analysis of the 2011 AFP Payments Fraud Survey, discuss various fraud types and share stories on e-commerce loss prevention and effective ways to minimize risk.

David Bellinger, CTP
Director, Payments
Association for Financial Professionals

AFP Payments Fraud Survey Brief
Payments Fraud and Control Survey Results 

Cash Flow Forecasting
Share tips and techniques for improving the effectivenss and the accuracy of the cash forecasting process. Join your peers as they describe their challenges and offer up suggestions and ideas on making better use of technology and communication to facilitate success.

Steven G. Lucas
Vice President, Assistant Treasurer
Macy's, Inc.

The Importance of 822 Account Analysis to Retail Treasury
Identify effective ways to manage bank fee files. Assess different providers to manage and analyze 822 files, and find out how account analysis is evolving.  Share your insights as to how bank fees are managed and reviewed and describe where you've been successful in capturing benefits in the process.  

Nancy L. Curtis
Treasury Manager
McDonald's Corporation

11:00 - 12:00 pm

Concurrent Roundtables

Bank Relationship Management & the Retailer
Untangle the complexities of managing bank relationships beginning with the credit process and allocating business among various banks (domestically and internationally).  Discussion may include EBAM and the dynamic technology it brings to the bank relationship management process.  Find methods for effectively managing bank relationships and the find solutions to the challenges Retail Treasury Departments face when banks merge.

Qixuan Huang, CTP
Senior Treasury Analyst
L.L. Bean

Investment Options for Retail Treasury
Learn what various treasury departments are currently investing in: Bank Deposits, Money Market funds, Treasuries, etc but not limited to short term investments.  Evaluate investment portals, benchmarks for investments and bank deposits.  What is Treasury investing in currently and when will the yield curve move?

Kurt H. Zumwalt
Assistant Treasurer
Amazon.com, Inc.

Counterparty Risk Effects on Retail Financials
Hear various approaches to managing counterparty risk, overcome the challenges in getting good information, and discuss ideas on managing and measuring risk effectively.  Find out what strategies can help to mitigate risk in the supply chain in addition to the traditional counterparties such as brokers, foreign exchange dealers and banks.  The discussion will include exposures a company has from credit perspective.

Angelos Kontopanagiotis, CTP
Manager of Treasury Operations
Tiffany & Company

Cross Border Payments in a Retail Environment
This session will focus on companies that send payments in cross border arrangements. Evaluate payment arrangements, assess the challenges in knowing who your payments are sent to, discuss the various payment methods and the information necessary for payment transmission.

Katria N. Kowal, CTP
Assistant Treasurer
Sunoco, Inc.

1:30 – 2:30 pm

Concurrent Roundtables

Emerging C2B Payment Technologies
As emerging payment methods become more pervasive, consumers and treasury departments will need to adapt. Retailers will share their experiences in developing new technologies, e.g., mobile payments and Chip & Pin.

Chris Ravenberg, CTP
Director of Treasury
Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

Trends in Technology - A Virtual Vault Solution
In the need to continually improve the cash collection process at a retailer, banks and vendors have joined together to provide streamlined solutions. Come and share the story from the treasurer of a large retailer who went through the RFP and selection process for a virtual vault. Discussion will include tying the solution into back end systems, the process of putting it in place and the various product providers in the space.

John Robinson

Virtual Vault Slides 

Automating Retailers' Payables
Considering moving from paper to electronic means as a payment mechanism?  Hear the process companies have gone through, the challenges of internal buy in, the value received and the efficiencies gained.  Gain insight into strategies others have used to adopt Pcard programs, procure to pay process, automated invoices and bank portals.

Susie Deuback Cockrell, CTP
Treasury Manager
7-Eleven, Inc.

Dodd-Frank Briefing for Treasury
This roundtable will discuss the pending changes as the Dodd-Frank Bill is put into law.  Major discussion points will be around retail leasing, derivatives accounting, FDIC coverage, and Rating Agency changes.

Martin A. Snow
Director, Cash Management
Metlife, Inc.

2:45 - 3:45 pm

Concurrent Roundtables

Coffee Cup Roundtable
Join your colleagues to talk about the hottest issues facing retail treasury.  Attendance is restricted to 20 people to ensure everyone can participate in the discussion.

Glenn C. Gershenson, CTP
Director, Treasury Operations
QVC, Inc.

Managing Retail Treasury in a Downturn: Doing More with Less
Learn what strategies other treasury departments are using to do more with the same or fewer resources. What changes in departments have been made or new technologies implemented? Hear interesting case studies from your retail treasury colleagues that have had to manage more effectively and efficiently?


Jared G. Culotta
Wawa, Inc.

Retail Survey Results
Hear the results of AFP's inaugural Retail Survey and the impact it might have in the coming year.  What changes do you envision you might want to make in order to be most effective with your bank relationships? Discuss best practices and tips for managing multiple relationships unique to retail treasury.

Paul R. Kirby
Director of Treasury Operations
Best Buy Co., Inc.

2011 AFP Retail Survey Results 

Unique Aspects of Retailers' Disaster Recovery Plans
Share insights into the process of setting up a disaster recovery plan, the services to consider, the risks to be mitigated and the potential savings of having them in place. Bring examples of areas where having an active disaster recovery plan or not impacted your organization.

Roberta Miner
Business Continuity Manager

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Retail Treasury Town Hall: Addressing the Challenges that Lie Ahead
Reflect on the lessons learned in the roundtables and contemplate what some of your challenges will be for the coming year.  What issues will you need to address that you didn't consider before today?  In a town hall format, share your challenges and expectations for how you plan to achieve your goals.

Russell Paquette, CTP
Corporate Treasurer

Rue A. Jenkins
Assistant Treasurer
Costco Wholesale Corporation


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