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AFP Payments Decision Guides

An in-depth look at payments-related topics that are developed via interviews with treasury professionals. Presented as quarterly case studies with practical applications and tools to help you make informed decisions about key payment services.
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AFP Guide to Creating a Payables Strategy (Part 2)
This guide, the second in a two-part series, expands on the first edition by offering a more advanced view of payments types, especially electronic payments, straight-through processing (STP), industry leaders and facilitators, in-sourcing/outsourcing, and analysis and reporting, while advising companies to “future-proof” their strategy.



AFP Guide to Creating a Payables Strategy (Part 1)
This guide outlines the rationale for developing a comprehensive payments strategy. A well articulated strategy will optimize the value of the payables process for a company as a whole and will guide treasury employees in their daily functions. This guide highlights the factors involved in developing a strategy, covers implementation guidelines, shares best practices, and explores tips and insights from business practitioners



AFP Guide to Utilizing a Payments Factory
Fifth in the AFP Payments Decision Guide Series, this guide describes options for organizing payments functions, outlines decision factors, explains nuances of the various concepts related to payment factories and shared service centers (SSC), and provides guidelines for implementing successful payment factory programs. It also includes insight and tips from fellow practitioners.



AFP Guide to Implementing a P-Card Program
Fourth in the AFP Payments Decision Guide Series, this guide explains the evolution of purchasing card (p-card) use, reveals the benefits of p-cards for companies, and illustrates best practices for implementing successful p-card programs. It also provides insight and tips from p-card practitioners.



AFP Guide to Optimizing Your Relationship with Your Acquiring Partner
Third in the AFP Payments Decision Guide Series, this guide – “Optimizing Your Relationship With Your Acquiring Partner” – focuses on strategies for managing payment acceptance costs and negotiating with merchant account providers. Topic areas include components of payments acceptance costs, payments acceptance fee structures, acquirer relationship management strategies, and provisions of merchant account agreements. Included is background information on the EMV mandate, the Durbin Amendment, and the antitrust lawsuit.



AFP Guide to Business Commerce Portals
Second in the AFP Payments Decision Guide Series, this guide on Business Commerce Payments Portals addresses the various portal models and the potential benefits for companies. It also details key considerations before implementing a portal to help build the business case for it. Included is a sample list of vendors that provide the capabilities along with insight and tips from fellow practitioners that have evaluated and implemented solutions.



AFP Guide to Payroll Card Programs
Learn to better manage your role in justifying and deploying new or updated programs at your company. Topic areas include setting goals; determining project scope; making the business case; establishing program features and requirements vendor selection; implementation of strategy and execution and tips for maximizing program adoption.


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