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Global Liquidity Guide Series

An in-depth look at a specified topic that is developed via interviews with treasury professionals. Presented as quarterly case studies, with practical applications and tools such as models and checklists.


Assessing Today's Regulatory Reality
In this guide, we evaluate six regulations: the Dodd-Frank End User Exemption (and its EU equivalent, EMIR), Basel III, FATCA and FBAR, SEPA, the proposed EU Financial Transactions Tax, and Money Market Reform in the USA and the EU. In each case, the regulation is introduced, its impact on corporate treasury practitioners is described, and actions to comply with or mitigate the effects of each regulation are identified.

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AFP Guide to Global Short-Term Borrowing
This guide is designed to give the reader the tools to develop a short-term borrowing strategy. As with any financial decision, there are a number of risks which need to be managed as part of the wider strategy. Understanding them will help treasury practitioners put in place a robust strategy in which the company is not reliant on a single source of funding, while benefiting from the lowest possible cost of funds.

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AFP Guide to Global Visibility of Cash
Gaining greater visibility of cash is becoming ever more important for international treasury practitioners. Fundamentally, having a better view of cash and cash flows allows an organization to operate more efficiently and with a better understanding of, and therefore control over, risk. This paper looks at the benefits of achieving global visibility of cash, identifies the main techniques used to do so, and outlines the main barriers to using them. It also provides a guide to the key stages in implementing a solution and concludes with an appendix outlining the tools available to improve cash visibility in key markets around the world.

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AFP Guide to Short-term Investment Strategies to Manage Financial Risk
Today’s strategic treasurers understand that all short-term investment decisions are fundamentally about managing risk. In every case, the cash to be invested over the short term must be placed somewhere. Whatever the decision made, the treasurer will need to have a clear understanding of the fundamental objectives of investing: maintaining principal, ensuring liquidity, and maximizing yield. This paper is intended to give the reader the tools to develop an investment strategy for managing global cash and the associated financial risks.

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AFP Guide to Mobilizing Global Cash
In today’s volatile and dynamic market environment, global treasury operations are consistently being challenged with optimizing liquidity. For leading, multinational treasuries, deploying optimized cash mobilization structures through notional or physical cash pools proves to be the key to unlock liquidity and mitigate risk. This guide looks at the reasons for mobilizing global cash, identifies the main techniques used to do so, and outlines the main barriers to using these techniques.

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AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting
There are many organizations which need to develop a global cash position. These include multinational organizations with operations in many countries around the world, as well as domestically focused businesses with sales or production units outside their home markets. All these organizations need to know their cash positions to support their decision-making. This guide assesses the techniques required to develop a series of global cash position forecasts. It focuses on forecasting operating cash positions for short-term liquidity management purposes.

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