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Thanks to Capital One Bank for its underwriting support of the AFP Data Intelligence Survey.


AFP Data Intelligence Survey

Data Intel ThumbThe recent interest surrounding data intelligence cannot be ignored - the wealth of available data, immense computing power and strong analytical capabilities drive organization decision making that supports product development and customer satisfaction and contributes to both top-line and bottom-line growth.

The AFP Data Intelligence Survey reveals that most companies have not yet been able to fully harness the power of the data available to them. Just over a third of data intelligence programs are successful.

 Data Intel Infographic

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Articles on the AFP Data Intelligence Survey:
Data Debate: Should Finance Own Data Intelligence
Survey: Management Support is Key to Robust Data Analysis
Data Intelligence Success: Asking the Right Questions is Key


Successful data intelligence programs share a handful of common characteristics:

  • Strong executive management support, including direct leadership
  • Extensive data intelligence programs that serve many departments across the company
  • Finance is a key strategic partner in the data intelligence program
  • Data intelligence operations are centralized under a single data intelligence group

The greater commitment an organization makes to its data intelligence program, the greater likelihood the program will make a substantive contribution to the success of the organization and thus be deemed a success itself. Sixty-two percent of survey respondents from organizations with extensive data intelligence programs indicate that their data intelligence programs are successful compared to 24 percent of respondents from organizations with data intelligence programs that have a limited scope.
 Data Intell Success Graph 5

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