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What Finance Executives Need to Stay Current on Economic Issues

Jason Schenker, CVA, CFP, ERP, ChFC, President and Chief Economist of Prestige Economics, discusses the best ways to stay up to date in the finance world.


Enhancing Your Career: Presenting to the Board of Directors
Tina Workman
What advice do you have for making a presentation to the board? More career development resources.

Gilead Sciences Confronts Rapid Growth: The Challenges Are Real
Peter Shen, CFA
What are the challenges of leading a rapidly growing organization?More career development resources.

How Swiss Re Fosters Collaboration Between Treasury and FP&A
Dr. Andreas Schertzinger
Should partnerships between treasury and FP&A be driven by data or by human interactions? More FP&A resources.

The Faster Payments Initiative
Patricia Hui, CTP
Why is the payments initiative so important? More payments resources.

Fintech Future: The Trends to Watch in Mobile Payments and Beyond
Nasreen Quibria
What’s the next big trend in payments? More payments resources.

FP&A for Executive Leadership
Vinay Mehra
As a CFO, what do you want to see the most from FP&A? More FP&A resources.

Changing Jobs From a Finance Executive's Perspective
Ferdinand Jahnel, CTP
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced entering your new role? More career development resources.

How Ericsson Telecom Quantifies Risk Management
Magnus Attoff
Why is it important to quantify your business risk? More risk resources.

Negotiation Advice from Ex-FBI Agent Christopher Voss
Christopher Voss
What's your best advice for negotiations? More career development resources.

The Effect of Geopolitical Risks on Global Markets
Ian Bremmer
What do you think the biggest global risk would be this time next year? More risk resources.

The Future Skills of Finance Leaders
David Buley
What vital skills will finance leaders will need to have 10 years from now? More finance resources.

Finance Risk
Ian Bremmer
What do you think is the biggest finance risk for companies today? More risk resources.

An Economic Outlook
Jason Schenker
What is your near term outlook for the US economy? More finance resources.

Business Modeling While Entering a New Country
Michel Bekkers
What risks should you be aware of? More risk resources.

Treasury's Role in Risk Management
Saif Ashraf
Why should Treasury provide risk management support? More risk resources.

What's the big lesson for finance executives
Gary Cokins
What’s the big lesson for finance executives? More FP&A resources.

Preparing Treasurers for the Future of Payments
Anita Patterson, CTP
Based on the Fed’s research, what should treasurers be doing about payments right now? More payments resources.

Developing a Global Supplier Financing Program
Martin Schlageter
Why was it so important for your organization to develop a global supplier financing program? More corporate finance & capital market resources.

Building a Strong Resume
Nicole Meyer
What’s the difference between building a resume and writing a resume? More career development resources.

Global Cash Management & Gaining Visibility to Your Cash
Jim Colby
What are three things that multinationals should be doing to gain better visibility into cash? More treasury resources.

Setting a Target Liquidity Position
Jim Gilligan, CTP, FP&A
What are the most important factors when setting a target liquidity position? More treasury resources.

Enterprise Performance Management
Gary Cokins
Doesn’t every company do performance management? If not, why not? More FP&A resources.

Defining the B2B Directory
BC Krishna
Describe the B2B Directory: What’s in it for treasurers? More payments resources.

Using a Resume to Tell Your Story
Nicole Meyer
What are employers looking for when they see a resume? More career development resources.

Social Media for Job Acquisition
Anna Akbari
What are the best ways to use social media to help land a new job? More career development resources.

Overcoming the Skepticism of Mobile Payments
Sassan Parandeh, CTP
How safe are mobile payments right now and how do you keep them secure? More payments resources.

FP&A's Role in the IPO Process
Jim Grube
Why should FP&A be involved in the IPO process? More FP&A resources.

Biggest Risks for Financial Professionals
Jonathan Hall, CTP
What are the biggest risks financial professionals should be concerned about? More risk resources.

Defining Key Performance Indicators
Gary Cokins
How can organizations identify valid key performance indicators? More FP&A resources.

EMV’s Impact on Fraud and Securing Cyberpayment Security
Rue Jenkins
Why is online fraud more prevalent now despite EMV being introduced? More Payments resources.

Avoiding the Biggest Budgeting Pitfalls
Bjarte Bogsnes
What are the biggest mistakes organizations make when it comes to budgeting and how does Beyond Budgeting direct them? More FP&A resources.

Embracing the Concept of Beyond Budgeting
Bjarte Bogsnes
What is Beyond Budgeting and why should organizations do it? More FP&A resources.

Your Role in Cybersecurity: Part 2
Gen. Keith Alexander
What is the biggest mistake companies are making regarding cybersecurity? More cybersecurity resources.

Your Role in Cybersecurity: Part 1
Gen. Keith Alexander
What should treasurers do to counter cyberattacks? More cybersecurity resources.

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